Top 20 Best Fairness Creams, Serums and Skin Whitening Creams in India (2022)

Taking good care of the skin is really important and most of us wish to get that gorgeous and flawless complexion so, what can we do? To make skin look fairer and free of the sun tan etc, we should use the right skin care products and the products that can help us get back the original skin color. Fairness creams and skin whitening creams can help you in getting rid of the upper-most dark skin tan and also inhibits the melanin production, this is why our skin tone looks fairer and more brighter. So, which is the fairness cream or product that one should use? That actually depends on your skin type, like if your skin is dry, then you won’t use a skin cream that is not moisturizing enough and likewise for oily skin applying a cream that is non greasy and oil free is the main concern. SPF in such creams also makes your skin tone look brighter and shields from the UV rays.

Top 20 Best Fairness Creams, Serums and Ayurvedic creams and night whitening creams in India

Therefore, here in this list, we have decided the list according to that. In the Indian market, there are numerous fairness products and different formula like skin whitening creams, serums, fairness gels etc. You can decide as per your need and skin type. So, let’s have a look at this list below.

Best Selling  Day Fairness creams in India (2022)

1. Himalaya Clear Complexion Whitening Day Cream

Himalaya’s Clear Complexion Day Cream is made to give you the radiant glow and reduction in the skin darkening. The daily use cream is apt for combination to normal skin and is very light and non greasy. It is formulated with the Cinnabloc that gives: skin hydration, lightening of skin tone and complexion improvement. It is rich in Licorice and White Dammer that clears the skin complexion and aids in whitening for the skin cells.  It is a good cream for hyper-pigmentation too.

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2. Lakme Absolute Perfect Skin Lightening Day Crème

The Lakme Absolute Perfect Skin Lightening Day Cream is made using the rich micro crystals to give a bright look for the skin. The cream has additional sunscreen which helps to protect the skin darkening due to UV rays. There is a faint mild fragrance that is not over powering. After the application the cream does not feel heavy or greasy. Hence, it is one of the best fairness creams or the oily to normal skin types.

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3. Pond’s White Beauty Anti-Spot Non Oily Fairness Cream

Pond’s Beauty Daily Lightening Cream gets deeper in the skin and reveals a clear skin. It is an anti-spot cream that offers a radiant looking skin. The cream claims to lighten the dark spots within a week. It has sunscreens as well which can give the skin tone protection. This is the best fairness cream suitable for normal to oily skin. The SPF 15 is good for everyday use.

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4. Nivea Visage Sparkling Glow Fairness Cream

Even our very own Nivea makes a fairness cream called Nivea Visage Fairness cream Sparkling Glow. It has the main component as the licorice which is world known for its fairness inducing properties. Licorice fights the dead and dark skin cells, eliminates them to reveals healthier and brighter complexion. It does not clog the pores hence it also one of the best non-comeodegenic fairness creams for the acne prone as well as oily skin.

5. Garnier Skin Naturals White Complete Multi Action Fairness Cream

Garnier fairness cream works with the presence of the active lemon extracts that lightens the skin tone and texture. It reduces the dark spots and marks on the skin. While the texture is non greasy, It can be used by the oily and combination skin both. The fast  acting fairness cream also comes with the SPF 19 to give you the better sun protection. Just massage the skin with this cream and get the benefits of its active ingredients.

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6. Olay Natural White Instant Glowing Fairness Cream

Olay White Radiance Brightening Intensive Cream has the power of the Vitamin B3 which is one of the most ingredient in the fairness booting creams. It works effectively on the sots, marks and the skin darkening cells. The cream also has SPF 24 that protects from UV rays and protects the fairness that works on reducing dark spots and lightening the skin. To use this, you can just apply some on the skin and massage gently. Apply this twice in a day. Olay is one of the best fairness creams in India for all skin types. 

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Top Night creams for skin whitening

7. L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Clinical Overnight Treatment Cream

The soft and light weight fairness cream from L’Oreal Paris is for everyone and all the skin types. It is hydrating but not extremely greasy unlike some of the creams.  It has the bio peeling mechanism that helps clear the dark skin cells. It is a night skin whitening cream that works overnight to give you a brighter looking skin tone. Packaging is not that good as it comes in a heavy glass pot.

8. Lotus Professional Phyto-Rx Whitening & Brightening Night Cream

Lotus Professional range is as good as the White Glow range. This one is a whitening Night Cream which can replenish the lost moisture and get back your original skin complexion. How? By fighting the melanin cells that get accumulated over the skin surface. It has the efficiency of the Amla Berry, Lychee, and Punarnava Root which gives a fairer skin complexion. It can also aid in the prevention and damage caused by sun rays. The night fairness cream In Indian market. is suitable for the dry sensitive skin to normal skin.

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9. Kaya Brightening Night Cream

Kaya Brightening Night Cream is formulated with the Azelaic acid that lightens and brightens the skin tone to give you an illuminated finish. It also has the antioxidant Vitamin C which makes the skin tone lighter and soft. It has the extracts of Imperata cylindrica that restores balance and pH. It is also a night cream that brightens the skin complexion.  The cream is ideally suitable for all skin types. This skin brightening night cream can be applied daily and has been used daily.

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Best Fairness Serums and Gels in India

This section is for the skin whitening serums and gels that can lighten the skin tone. Mostly serums and gels are suitable for the oily and acne prone skin therefore, these can be applied twice once in the morning and once while going to bed. You can incorporate serum in the skin care along with the day and night creams as well. But do remember to use them before the skin creams and after the toner, if in case you use toner.

10. Kaya Brightening Serum

Kaya skinw brightening serum is packaged in a pump pack which is very hygienic to use. It is rich in the Waltheria indica extracts and also rich in the anti-oxidant ferulic acid. Both of these ingredients aids in the inhibition of the melanin producing skin cells. This causes darkening of skin that is why when melanin levels are reduced then the skin look fair. It can be used along with  the other skin whitening creams.

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11. Biotique Bio Dandelion Ageless Lightening Serum

Biotique Bio Dandelion Lightening Serum is very affordable and vends like a charm. It is excellent for the doily skin and the texture is water based and very light. Though it can be used by all skin types, it is perfect for acne prone skin too. The product is rich in the dandelion and nutmeg essence which lighten the skin tone when applied continuously. It can be used all round the year. It is the best non comedogenic fairness serum for all skin types in short.

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12. Neutrogena Fine Fairness Brightening Serum

Neutrogena is well known for its exclusive face washes for oily skin and acne prone skin types The fine fairness serum is light and non greasy therefore, is a perfect face serum for the oily skin. It has the Healthy-White Complex with Pure Retinol and Lily extracts. The non comedogenic formula of this serum is safe and has no side effects like allergies.

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13. VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Serum

VLCC snigdha skin whitening serum is for all skin types. This too has a pump pack. In fact, we noticed that all the serums are packaged like that. The hydrating product is suitable for dry skin as well. But in winters you need extras. Having said that this is a good every day use serum for summer season. It lightens the dark spots and age spots as well. The mild floral fragrance of comfrey,is pleasant and is also an inexpensive option for skin serum lovers.

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Best Ayurvedic Fairness Creams for Dark skin

While the above mentioned creams works well, but a lot of people believe in the power of Ayurveda for them Ayurvedic fairness creams can be helpful. These creams for skin brightening has the powerful Ayurvedic ingredients like the turmeric, licorice, sandalwood, neem, amla, red sandal, mint etc. While they are effective, they also do not have any side effects. Here is the list of the best Ayurvedic fairness creams in Indian market.

14. Himalaya Natural Glow Fairness Cream

Himalaya fairness cream has the natural ingredients to boost your fairness and glow. This cream is rich in the saffron extracts which lighten the skin. The fairness cream is not heavy on the skin but gets inside though it does leave a light film on the skin. It is appropriate to be used on the does not feel heavy on the skin and is ideal for normal, oily and combination skin types. It is the best fairness cream for dark dusky skin in India.

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15. Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Care Face Cream

Fair & Lovely Ayurvedic Fairness Cream as the name says it made using the ingredients like Lodhra, Khas, Neelotpal, manjistha, kesar and padmak. It is suitable or for oily skin to normal skin. You can try it for the summer time and for the winters, it is not the best one though. The lack of moisturization makes it slightly ineffective for the dry skin. The Ayurvedic fairness cream is for oily sin types.

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16. Kama Ayurveda Rejuvenating & Brightening Ayurvedic Night Cream

Okay, so your search for an Ayurvedic fairness s night cream ends with this product.  Kama Ayurveda Brightening Night cream has the richness of all the skin whitening ingredients mentioned in the Ayurvedic texts. It gives cell renewal benefits with the help of ingredients like saffron, Indian Madder, aloe vera, Vetiver, Lotus cool, and Liquorice. The cream brightens skin tones and apparently lightens the spots and dark circle sunder the eyes as well. The herbal night whitening cream is more for the dry skin to normal skin types.

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17. Biotique Bio Coconut Whitening & Brightening Cream

The Biotique Bio Coconut fairness cream is from a well known skin care brand. Biotique products are effective and affordable.  It is a rich blend of the ingredients such as Dandelion, Badam til, Dudhal, Manjishtha,  and pure coconut extracts along with extracts Nimba Kamla.  It prevents blemishes and gives a fairer looking skin tone. It is also formulated for the dry skin and won’t work for oily to acne prone skin due to its high in moisture content.

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18. Shahnaz Husain Shafair Plus Fairness Cream

Shahnaz Husain is a well known name in the beauty Industry. Her products are herbals in nature and she uses the power of Ayurveda in her products. This rich fairness cream is made using the organic ingredients, carrot seed, vetiver, rose extract, almond oil, and Chironji. It fades the dark spots, blemishes and ensures a spotless skin. It is made for all skin types.

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19. Khadi Fairness Cream

Khadi Fairness Cream has sandalwood and rose oil. Both of these products improves the skin fairness and also fight the skin aging. It gives a sparkling fairness by boosting the skin rejuvenation and cell renewal. You can get this online. The easy to get tub pack is user and travel friendly. It is suitable fairness cream for the oily to combination skin and does not do much for the dry face. 

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20. Assure Natural White Fairness Cream

Assure is a herbal skin care brand and this cream is formulated with the cucumber, licorice extracts and hibiscus sabdariffa along with saffron. It tones the skin and provides a flawless skin. Though regular use of this cream is advisable. Licorice in this fairness cream not just improvises the skin color, but also increases the skin fairness for all skin types.

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These are 20 best skin whitening and fairness creams with different formulations.  Have you used any of these? Which is the one that you liked? Do share with us in the comment below.

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