Men Skin Care tips: How to take care of skin

men skin care tips bestMen Skin Care tips: How to take care of skin

Skin care is not just limited to women but men too should take care of their skins. A good healthy skin is sign of good health and also makes a man look attractive with more confidence. Most men would simply apply any skin cream and use harsh razors not taking enough skin care. So, what should men do to get good skin or how men should take care of their skin? Here, in this post we have included some vital skin care tips for men which will help them achieve a better looking skin.

Essential Tips for Men Skin Care


So, are you using the same bar on the face which you use on the body? If that is true then guys, it is high time to change it. Use a mild foaming face wash for a gel based face wash if your skin is oily and acne prone. If you are a guy with dry skin then using a nourishing creamy cleanser should be your choice. Wash your face twice a day, in the morning and at night before you go to sleep.

Moisturizers are crucial for men skin care

Moisturiser or skin cream is what most men tend to ignore. Whether you have dry or oily skin, moisturisers and creams should be used regularly. Apart from the moisture they also provide SPF for the day time and moisturizes also form a protective barrier against the dirt and pollution. When you have oily skin, choose light moisturizer which gets absorbed easily. When the skin is dry, choose moisturiser or creams which are thicker and more hydrating.

Sunscreen in men skin care

Most of the boys or men may think that the sunscreens are only for women but no sunscreen is equally crucial for men as well. Do you know that the sunscreen protects and prevents the sun damage which is the cause of premature aging? You certainly don’t want that hence use sunscreen when you go out in the sun. Use gel based formulas for oily skin and lotion based for dry skin. You can also opt for the moisturiser for creams that has the SPF in them so that you don’t have to use two products.

Night Cream in men skin care

While you sleep the skin and body repairs and rejuvenates itself. Therefore it is crucial to use a night cream which is a moisturizer basically with some extra ingredients that works to revive the tired skin and to replenish the lost moisture. Night cream makes sure that the skin also stays younger. Young boys can use any normal moisturiser as night cream while those who have crossed 30s, it is suggested by the experts that using a night cream with retinols and Alpha Hydroxy acids which is also called as the aging night cream, it would be good to combat and fight wrinkle and lines for men’s tough skin.

Shaving tips for men skin care

When you shave, there should be some care taken since that also is one of the causes for the pimples and skin problems. Use a new blade and make sure that you shave in one direction, which won’t irritate the facial skin. Always apply a toner after the shave and avoid using scented products or after shave lotions.


Exfoliation is vital in men skin care to scrub off the dead outer skin layer which will allow the new younger skin layer to surface. It also makes sure that dead skin cells are shed off which can be acne causing when the skin is oily. Exfoliation also makes sure that the skin remains smoother and free of whiteheads and blackheads. Men can use a store bought scrub or make one with rice flour and honey to scrub you face.

Packs and Masks for men

Use face packs and mask once in a week to pamper the dull dry skin this is good to include in men skin care. There are face packs which take off the excess oils and there are packs which makes the dry skin supple. We will soon post an article on men face packs for dry and oily skin.

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  1. Hi, I am 24(male) my skin is too oily and dark . Plz suggest me some cream for fair color and remove oil from my face

  2. Hi you can try Lotus herbals whiteglow gel cream that is good for oily skin. i will also suggest you to use sunscreen when you go in sun and scrub the face 2 times in a week.