Shaving Tips for Men: Tips Men Should Know About Shaving

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Tips men should know about shaving: Shaving tips for men

Shaving is what most men would need daily. You can’t simply enter the office having stubble three day old. A clean shave look is attractive and for that shaving is the vital step that men need. But while shaving there are few things that are good that men should be aware of. These tips will help you get a closer and smoother shave. These tips will also help you prevent skin problems. yes, certain wrong steps while shaving may leave you with skin problem, razor bumps due to shaving. So read on to know shaving tips for men.

Shaving tips for men

  1. Do not shave you beard or body dry. Most men are in hurry when they shave but to make the task easier and quicker, always wet the face first. Dry shaving can irritate and cause minor cuts which may be felt later on moreover, this increases the chances of ingrown hair.
  2. When you have sensitive skin, it is always better to shave when you are in the shower since at that time the hairs are softer and can be easily dealt with.
  3. Wet your face and apply shaving foam, cream or gel by running your finger across is the best way out. Let the shaving product on the face for a minute before you start shaving. This will make the hair softer other than giving the lubrication.
  4. When your hair are coarse, thick or curly, it is more likely that you will experience ingrown hair so, when you use three to four blade razor, it will give a close shave which eventually cause a razor bump and minor cut which irritates the skin. Therefore it is advised that you should use two blades at the most.
  5. Ingrown hairs can be troublesome and are also a potential cause for razor bumps and irritation hence a great shaving tip is to exfoliate the face which decreases the chances of the ingrown hair thus preventing the problems related with the ingrown hair.
  6. Use the razor in one direction as that of the hair growth is the best as it causes less burning sensation which you may experience when you shave opposite to the direction of hair growth.
  7. Men who have sensitive skin should not use scented after shave lotions rather use toner to tone the skin followed with a light moisturiser. This easy yet important shaving tip helps a lot.
  8. Use new blade when you feel that the blade has become dull. A dull blade will make the shaving difficult and painful moreover you will not get closer shave.

So, guys do keep in mind these shaving tips the next time you shave.

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  1. Niesha, I like your blog

  2. The Art of Shaving

    Excellent 8 tips for men, Niesha! It’s funny that most men want a shave that doesn’t irritate them, but a majority of the time, we are in such a rush that we disregard all the proper techniques that helps us have a close shave.

    For tip #4, an important factor to remember is how sharp or dull the blade is. A clean, sharp blade can cut hair correctly that the worry for ingrown hair is incredibly minimized, while the opposite is true for when you use a dull blade – passing the blade over your skin a number of times instead of just once. For this, we recommend using a straight edge or a safety razor.