10 Best Tan Removal Face Scrubs in India

Best Tan Removal Face Scrubs in India

Tanning is inevitable during summers and it can be a problem for a lot of the people. Teens who roam under the harsh sun become a victim of this sun tanning and it can also result in damaging their delicate skin. When sun exposure is harsh then the melanocytes release more melanin as a way to protect the skin layers, but in turns this also darkens the skin. So, which are the best products that can lighten the sun tan. Markets are flooded with the tan removal skin products like cleansers, packs, creams etc. But here in this post at tipsandbeauty, we have compiled this list of the best face scrubs to remove the sun tan from the face.

You should not just remove tan to get back the glow and fair skin tone, but also for the reason that ignored sun tan can become permanent and then it can make skin look patchy and uneven. Here, are the best face scrubs to lighten the sun tan from the skin. These can certainly vanish that black skin layer to get you back a fairer looking skin tone.

Best Sun Tan Removal Scrubs in India

So, here are the best facial scrubs and exfoliators to get rid of the sun tan and skin darkening.

1. Biotique Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub

Bio Papaya Revitalizing Tan Removal Scrub is a creamy scrub with the exfoliating walnut particles that helps to exfoliate the skin. To lighten the sun tan the product contains the papaya extracts which are rich in the enzymes that gets rid of the tan. It can be also applied on the body and is quite abrasive in nature. Thus, you will need quite a small amount, but first splash the face with after to use this excellent tan removal scrub.

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2. Organic Harvest Anti Tan Face Scrub

Organic Harvest Anti Tan Face Scrub has the richness of the closely packed exfoliants and the particles. It gently scrubs but can be harsh if you rub it aggressively so, always be gentle with scrubbers.  The tan removal scrub can also lighten the sun tanned skin while getting rid of the deeps seated sebum and blackheads. Regular application of a good face scrub also uproots the whiteheads. The tan removing face scrubs has vitamin E and Pro vitamin B5 for skin lightening.

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3. Lotus Herbals Safe Sun Absolute Anti Tan Scrub 

Lotus Anti Tan Scrub has the mild pink granules or scrubbing particles that helps in the removal of the dark supper skin tone. The wonderful tan removal product lightens the skin and makes it glowing. It has the ingredients like the Walnut and strawberry seeds that gives effective exfoliation and glow. It also has turmeric to removes the tan from the face.

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4. Ponds White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub

Ponds White Beauty Tan Removal Scrub is by fair one of best tan removing face scrubs in India. It has a creamy base and has granules of the scrubbing beads that also lightens the skin complexion. It has Tan Solve beads which acts on the sun tan and therefore helps in detanning the skin. It brightens the skin right from the first usage. It can be applied by all the skin types.

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5. VLCC Fade Tan Skin Polishing Face Scrub

The VLCC Fade Tan Skin Polishing Face Scrub has the goodness of the micro exfoliating beads suspended in a creamy base rich of orange peel and lemon peel extracts. This tones and tightens the skin and also works as a natural astringent for the skin. The scrub can uproot the stubborn blackheads and whiteheads on the skin. It can be used by all the skin types but is considered best tan removal face scrubs for oily-combination skin.

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6. Glowing Buzz Herbal D-Tan Polisher

Glowing Buzz Herbal D-Tan scrub contains Grape Fruit, Light Kaolin, Wheat Germ Oil, Mulethi Extracts, Glycerin, Almond Oil and papaya. It exfoliates the skin and improves skin texture and glow. Few uses of this scrub also improve the skin complexion by lightening the tan.

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7. Jovees Jojoba & Wheat Germ Face Scrub

The Jovees tan removal face scrub has the jojoba and wheatgerm which works on the dark skin and tanned skin to fade it. It shows results from first usage. This can be applied by people of all skin types and age groups but best suited scrub for the normal-dry skin types. It is also one of the best tan removal scrub. 

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8. Jolen Papaya Scrub

Jolen papaya face scrub is a detanning face scrub that has papaya extracts. Papaya enzyme papain works on the tan and skin darkening due to sun rays. It heals the sun damage and brings the lost glow. You can also it every other day to get rid of the sun tan and skin darkening. Papaya scrubs are good or tan removal.

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9. Oriflame Sweden Milk & Honey Gold Smoothing Sugar Scrub  

Milk and honey is a super combination to fade the tanning and to get fairs kin easily. You can apply raw milk and organic honey mixture daily on the face to get good skin too. But if you need a face scrub to remove the sun tan then do try this.

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10. Khadi Natural Rose & Papaya Face Scrub 

Khadi Herbal Rose and Papaya Scrub has natural ingredients like rose water, walnut shell particles, wheatgerm oil, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Papaya Extracts and glycerin. It heals the dryness and gives a long lasting moisturization. It lightens the tan and also removes pigmentation.

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11. Oshea Glopure Anti Tan Scrub

Oshea Anti Tan scrub is made for the tan removal and skin whitening. It has ingredients like Strawberries which has ellagic acid to lighten the darkening of face by increased melanin. The gentle particles remove dead skin, dullness, blackheads etc thus the skin looks fairer and brighter. It can be massaged on the skin to remove the harsh sun tanning faster.

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This is the list for the best sun tan removal face scrubs available in Indian market. These products are useful for the all skin types, though some of them are excellent for oily or dry skin. You can choose accordingly and get the detanning done at home. But don’t you wish to know about the best fairness face wash as they can also enhance your skin tone naturally and also the best tan removal night creams that can further lighten the tan. 

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