Top 9 Best Websites for Buying Perfumes in India (2023)

Best Websites for Buying Perfumes in India

We like to smell good and smelling good not just enhances your confidence, but also leave a lasting impression on others. While some people likes to leave a trail of whiff, wherever they go anywhere. While some wish to mark as a style statement. Whatever is the reason to apply perfumes, it’s also crucial that you use the top quality perfumes. It is important that you know about the best site for buying perfumes in India. It won’t be sheer total waste of money, if the perfume you’re buying is not genuine. So, where do you get authentic perfumes online? To clarify all that we created this list of the best websites to buy fragrances online.

List of Top Best Websites for Perfumes in India (Buy Perfumes Online)

1. Purplle

The website sells beauty, makeup and cosmetics for men and women other than the perfumes. They have perfumes for both men and women from high end and affordable brands. One can also buy deodorants, gift sets for men and women, body mist and body sprays for men, body mist for women before choosing the product. The best brands that you can buy from here are Chanel, Victoria Secret, Tommy Hilfiger, Elizabeth Arden, Giorgio Armani, Dolce and Gabbana, Dior and many more.

2. Nykaa

This is one of the best places to buy genuine perfumes online. The brand is highly reputed amongst the cosmetics and grooming products for both men and women. Their products are original and genuine. You will get to see perfumes for men and women. They also have fragrances, Body Sprays, Body Mist, Roll Ons, Colognes and Perfumes. You can expect to get combo gift packs, perfumes and they have a good collection of affordable perfumes for men and women. The brands available here are Davidoff, Nina Ricci and other popular brands.

3. Myntra amongst the highly popular website, when it comes to clothing, accessories and even perfumes. Almost all the reputed perfume brands both women and men. Even the affordable ones are available on The expensive and high end perfumes from International brand are there and they ensure that they are getting original products. Other than the perfumes, they also have fragrance gift set, body mist, sprays and deodorants. has popular authentic perfume brands, like Clinique, David Beckham, Marks & Spencer, Nautica, Playboy, Elizabeth Arden, Jaguar, Guess, Polo Club and many more. It’s the best website to buy fragrance in India.

4. Jabong

Sister site to, is yet another highly popular portal which is reputed amongst clothes and accessory lovers. They have around 600 different perfume brands with them. The perfumes are genuine and can also be bought on sale, you can expect good discounts and offers. Therefore, it becomes important that you purchase the perfumes online very easy and affordable. Some of the notable brands that they have are Davidoff, Ducati, Ferrari, Guess, Versace, Burberry, Calvin Klein, Antonio Banderas and other such popular perfume brands. It is surely amongst the best websites to buy authentic perfumes online in India.

5. Amazon

Amazon is the most popular website all over the world and in India as well that sells almost everything. However, when it comes to buying perfumes, we’ll advise you to go only for the reputed sellers and not with any fake seller. As the fake sellers can get hold of the original perfume bottles and fill them up with cheap perfumes at whopping amounts. For such cheap and duplicate products, the top notes would resemble the original perfume but fades within few hours. The difference between fake and quality perfumes is the base and heart notes. Top notes are detected first, making you think the perfume is original however, this is not the case. It is the base and heart notes that makes your perfume last longer which is why the expensive perfumes last so long. So, if you are buying from a trustworthy or reputed seller on Amazon then surely you can buy all the big brands.

6. Flipkart

Just like Amazon, we would always advise you to choose the trustworthy sellers on Flipkart as well. These are marketplaces, where different sellers register themselves, to sell their products online to buyers like us. Therefore, buying perfumes from good seller gives you value for your money. In case you are buying expensive perfumes then this fact becomes very important. On Flipkart you can buy almost all the popular brands which are popular internationally and also Indian perfume brands.

7. Perfumery

This portal only sells perfumes and nothing else. They deal with all the popular perfumes for men and fragrances for women. They have both Indian and international perfume brands. The bands that are hard to find anywhere else can be bought from their website. This website is created just to sell genuine perfumes. Therefore; this is one of the best places to buy perfumes apart from Nykaa, Myntra and Jabong.  They have International brands like Chopard, Tom Ford, Armani, Bvlgari, Hugo Boss, Carolina Herrera, Adidas, Estee Lauder, Jaguar, Prada, Nina Ricci and more.

8. Unboxed

The website is known for perfumes since 2012. They have original collection of perfume for both men and women with no fake or cheap replicas. The website is reputed and sells genuine products and mostly International brands like Ralph Lauren, Mont Blanc, Davidoff, Dolce & Gabbana, Britney Spears, Gucci,  Jimmy Choo, Jaguar, Elizabeth Aden and many other.

9. Shoppers Stop

Shoppers Stop is now available online and you can purchase products from their as well. They ensure you get genuine and good quality perfumes from International brands like Dior, Calvin Klein, Chanel, Mont Blanc, Bvlgari, Hugo Boss, Jimmy Choo, Kenneth Cole, Ralph Lauren, Versace, and many such. You can be rest assured that the perfumes are original.

These are the best places to buy genuine perfumes online in India. There are many other but we feel that these are by far the best website to purchase original perfumes.

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