How to Use Bhringraj Powder For Hair Loss And Growth

Bhringraj Powder For Hair Loss And Growth

Bhringraj is one of the Ayurvedic herb widely found across India. Bhringraj works on all tridosha i.e. three doshas which are vata, pitta and kapha in ayurveda. Its Botanical name is Eclipta Abla. It has many medicinal uses because; it is known to cure various diseases. Coming to the beautiful hair world, Bhringraj is considered as a hair tonic. It doesn’t only help in hair growth but also, helps in hair loss and baldness problems. We will see how Bhringraj powder can be used for hair loss and growth. When it comes about this herb, Bhringraj oil is popular amongst the people who suffer from hair loss issues or want healthy hair.

You can use the Bhringraj powder by trying the below methods-

You can just simply buy the powder but, make sure you’re buying the organic one.

Bhringraj hair oil

  1. Mix the Bhringraj powder with your favorite oil like almond oil, sesame oil, coconut oil.
  2. Keep it on the gas till it is boiled after that turn off the gas.
  3. Let it come down to the room temperature and you can happily apply it in your hair.
  4. Do a gentle massage and let it work for an hour or two.
  5. Another way is to apply it while going to bed to let it work on your hair for longer and wash your hair the next day.
  6. Do not worry if you catch cold or have sinus problems as this herb works on those problems as well.
  7. With the regular use of this Oil for like two or three months, even Aloepecia sufferers have experienced hair growth.

Bhringraj Hair Mask for Hair loss

  • You can also use with the combination of other herbs like Amla, Shikakai, Tulsi or Neem.
  • You can make concoction by using the above method or you can make hair pack by mixing it with your favorite herbs together.
  • Mix all these together in normal water or rose water and make a paste like consistency to apply it on your hair.
  • Keep it for few hairs and then, wash it off.

This is one the herbal hair pack which will condition your naturally without any chemicals and also helps to wash the chemical build up on your scalp created by hair products.

Thus, helps in nourishing your hair and make them rejuvenated and healthier. If used for long term, it helps in giving a dark glossy color to the hair and hair growth is become prominent. Also, it takes care of other hair problems like grey hair, dandruff, hair fall etc.

Bhringraj Hair Cleanser

  1. Another method you can try using it as hair wash powder.
  2. Mix it with butter milk or curd.
  3. Make a paste by mixing them together.
  4. Apply it on your hair and keep it for half an hour and wash your hair.
  5. It gives a deep conditioning to your hair and also works on scalp infection.
  6. Long term usage can give really good results by making your health more smooth and shiny and keeps the dryness at bay.
  7. If you do not wish to use curd you can simply mix the powder with normal water, rice water, aloe vera gel or rose water.

One should opt for good hair product or you can buy the ones which have Bhringraj in it. Buy Bhringraj oil from Ayurveda shop or make one at home by using your favorite herbs. You can also consume Bhringraj as it is known to rejuvenate the body and purify the blood. This herb helps in taking care of the ongoing hair problems and also helps in preventing further damage to your hair. Always remember to try these remedies on regular basis as doing them inconsistently will not fetch great results which last long. Consistency is the key. 

So, go ahead and try this herb and share your experience with us.

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