Bio Oil Review, How to Use for Marks, Scars and Benefits

Bio Oil Review

Bio oil has been launched in India now. It’s been over a year that this marks reducing oil is here in the Indian market. I will review this Bio oil today in my post. This Bio oil claims to reduce the marks, even tone the skin, aging skin and dehydrated skin. the basic benefit that it gives is to reduce and lighten the stretch marks. So, is this Bio Oil really worked on scars and marks? Read on this review to more about this product.

Bio oil review, price

Price of Bio oil in India:  This oil costs rupees 450 rupees and can be bought from the stones and online.

Claims by Bio oil: This oil claims to work on the scars, marks and blemishes. It lightens the stretch marks and hydrated the dehydrated and aging skin.

Ingredients: They are mentioned on the pack.

Bio oil review india ingredients

Experience with Bio Oil for face and body scars and marks

Bio oil comes in a transparent bottle which is good as we can see how much the oil is left in the bottle. This oil smells like a perfumed hair oil or an oil that has mild fragrance. All the ingredients of this oil has been mentioned on the pack. It has some chemicals and some herbal ingredients in it.

Bio oil review, price in india

The oil is light weight oil which gets massaged into the skin very well and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin. This oil has a small opening which allows only drops to come out. This is good as the wide mouthed bottles can be very annoying as at times more product comes out. It is advised that it should be used twice in a day like day or night for 3 months for it to show the results and if you are pregnant and worried about the stretch marks then this should be used from the beginning of 4th month.

Bio oil review, price and how to use

I used this Bio oil on the burnt mark on my hand and within a month the mark was faded and lightened. Even if you will not use anything then too the marks can get lighter on its own but when you use anything then the process of the scars and marks removal gets faster. This is why I can say that this has lightened the intensity of the darkness of the scar.

Bio oil review India

This Bio oil says that it can also be used on the face we have marks and blemishes on the face so this oil can help fade them as well. I have some pimple marks so I tried but this Bio Oil has given me tiny breakouts so, I will not at all recommend you to try this on the face if your skin type if combination or oily like me. If you have extremely dry skin then you can try it to hydrate and moisturize your dull skin complexion. Like my mother who has dry skin, she uses this to nourish her dry skin and to fade the dark spots and age spots but this is not meant for combination to oily skin.

Bio oil review online price

I have also used this on some other marks like we have on our legs etc and it has faded them to some extent and regarding the age spots on my mother’s face. This bio oil has not shown many results in lightening those scars.

Pros of Bio Oil

  • Packaging is okay
  • It gets massaged into the skin very well
  • It is light weight and easy to use
  • This oil has lightened some scars on my hands and legs
  • Can be used to nourish and moisturize the dry skin and face

Cons of Bio Oil

  • It is little pricey for 450 Rupees
  • Smells like a hair oil
  • This is not for oily skin to be used on face
  • As not faded the age spots and dark spot to noticeable extent

Rating: 3.25 out of 5

Bio Oil is a decent product that lightens the burn marks and scars but it has not shown many results in the dark spots on the aging skin. This can be used on the dry face for nourishment and get rid of the dehydration but not at all for the combination oily skin as it can cause skin breakouts.

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