Latest 50 Mangalsutra Pendant Designs (2021)

Latest Mangalsutra Pendant designs

Mangalsutra pendant holds an important place in any mangalsutra design. The pendant is the centre part or piece that makes ...

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Top 25 Latest Gold Mangalsutra Earring Set Designs (2021)

Mangalsutra is an integral part of any Hindu wedding and women cherish, and love to wear them. In this article, ...

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100 Latest Heavy Gold Mangalsutra Designs

Mangalsutra holds an important place in Hindu wedding. This is the precious jewellery that the groom ties around the bride’s ...

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20 Latest Three Layer Mangalsutra Designs For 2021

triple layer mangalsutra images

The triple layered mangalsutra patterns are in trend and that has evolved from the beautiful double layered mangalsutra designs. The ...

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Top 20 Latest Double Chain Gold Mangalsutra Pattern (2021)

Double chain style mangalsutra patterns look really interesting and attractive. In fact they are quite in trend currently and this ...

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Latest 2 Grams Gold Ring Designs for Ladies (2021)

Gold rings are popular piece of jewellery in India and no wedding is complete without a beautiful gold ring. Gold ...

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