Use of Turmeric in skincare: Fairness, Glow, Acne

use of turmeric benefits for skin

Turmeric can be used for the skincare to get the fairness, glowing skin and for the pimple care. Turmeric is indeed one of the best spices that is loaded with several skincare benefits. Not only that turmeric has health benefits as well. When turmeric is used for beauty it is used for its versatility lie for glowing skin, fairness and ...

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7 Natural Skin Bleach for Fair Skin at Home

Natural skin bleach for fair skin at home Many of us use bleach creams to lighten and match the color of facial hairs with that of the skin color so that the skin looks fairer, brighter and lighter. Bleaching ensures that the facial hairs are not much visible. Bleaching is an easy solution though if you don’t want to use ...

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7 Best Gold Bleach Creams in India, Price and Brand Details

Gold Bleach Creams in India

Gold Bleach cream or Gold facials are the most loved beauty treatments that women would love to go for. Whether it is party, wedding or a function skin bleaching is the quick way to give instant fairness and glow to the skin as we have mentioned how to do bleach at home, skin bleach can help match the hair with ...

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10 Top Best Skin Whitening/ Fairness Face Packs in India

Fairness face packs and skin whitening masks in India

10 Best Fairness Face Packs and Skin Whitening Masks in India Fairness face packs are good to keep the skin tone brighter and to pamper the skin. In this post, we have compiled, Fairness face packs and skin whitening masks in India. These packs are ready made and can be bought online and from the stores. 

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5 Essential Oils for Skin Whitening and Brightening

Essential oils for skin whitening and brightening

Essential Oils for Skin Whitening and Brightening Who doesn’t want clear, brighter and fairer looking skin? Bright skin looks flawless. Essential oils have beneficial in healing the skin. This is why they are used in anti aging skin care products, brightening, whitening products and skin healing products as well. Essential oils are rich in nutrients which enhance the texture of ...

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