Hair care

3 Homemade Hair Tonic for Healthy Hair: DIY Recipes

Hair tonics for homemade hair tonic

Homemade hair tonic for healthy hair Hair tonics are necessary for the proper nourishment of the hair. It strengthens and ...

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5 Ayurvedic Hair packs for faster hair growth and long hair

Ayurvedic hair packs for faster hair growth and long hair

Ayurveda has time and again proved useful in solving skin and hair care problems. Those of you who want to ...

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Hair Fall Remedies: Hair care tips to make hair stronger

hair fall control remedies

Hair Fall Remedies and Hair Care tips to make hair stronger, thicker Thicker and fuller hair is all you need ...

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Home Remedies for Hair Growth Naturally at Home

home remedies for hair growth naturally

Home remedies for hair growth  Hair is undoubtedly is the most important part of anyone’s beauty be it men or ...

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Uses of Reetha for Hair: Uses and Benefits of Soapnut

  How to use Reetha for hair: Uses and benefits of Soapnut Reetha or soap nut is quite a popular ...

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9 Herbal Remedies for premature hair greying

premature greying of hair remedies

Natural treatments for premature greying of hair When the hair strands turn grey/ white, it is regarded as a sign ...

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5 Benefits and Uses of Henna for hair

Benefits and uses of henna for hair Henna also known as Mehendi in hindi, has so many roles to play. ...

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10 Best Tips for Oily Hair Naturally

Does your hair get oily on the first day of washing? If that is what you have been facing then ...

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How to Give Yourself Overnight Hot Oil Treatment: Benefits

hot oil treatment at home

How to Give Yourself Overnight Hot Oil Treatment: Benefits Hot oil massage is truly miraculous when one is suffering from ...

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10 Natural Remedies for Dry Itchy scalp and dandruff

homeremedies for dry itchy scalp

  Constantly itching the scalp and noticing some flakiness along with the itch, is a symptom  of dry itchy scalp. ...

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