Hair care

10 Natural Remedies for Dry Itchy scalp and dandruff

homeremedies for dry itchy scalp

  Constantly itching the scalp and noticing some flakiness along with the itch, is a symptom  of dry itchy scalp. ...

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How To Prepare Brahmi Hair Oil At Home And Benefits

Homemade Brahmi Hair Oil at Home and Benefits In Ayurveda, Brahmi is considered as one of the revitalizing herb. Indians ...

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Almond Oil Benefits for Hair

Almond oil has numerous skin and hair benefits. For hair, almond oil can guarantee longer, thicker and shinier hair. I ...

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Amazing Benefits and Use of Shikakai for Hair

ayurvedic hair packs shikkakai

Amazing Benefits and Uses of Shikakai for hair Natural herbs are considered best to use in hair care. Like herbal ...

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Ayurvedic Tulsi Methi Dana Hair Oil Homemade Recipe

Ayurvedic Tulsi Methi dana Hair Oil homemade

Homemade Ayurvedic Tulsi Methi Dana Hair Oil for dandruff, Dryness, itchy scalp, hair loss treatment Is your hair getting dry ...

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Home Remedies and Tips to Repair Split Ends at home

Home Remedies and Tips to Repair the Split Ends

Home remedies to repair split ends Split ends look bad as when the hair ends are split they make the ...

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Natural Shampoo for Dandruff with Aloe Vera and Reetha: Recipe

reetha and aloe vera gel dandruff homemade shampoo

Natural Shampoo for Dandruff with Aloe vera and Reetha Dandruff can be embarrassing as this will produce those bad looking ...

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Essential Monsoon Hair Care Tips for Men and Women

Monsoon Hair Care

Monsoons are here and we all love to get drenched in the rain, play in the rain but one thing ...

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5 Ways to Add Volume to the Thin Hair

Thin hair which are limp and lay flat, is that you’re your hair problem? If yes and you want to ...

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Homemade Indian Herbal Shampoo Recipe: Benefits

Homemade Indian Herbal Shampoo Recipe With Natural Products

Homemade Indian Herbal Shampoo Recipe We will share herbal recipe for homemade shampoo which cleanses the scalp and gives a ...

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