Skin Care

10 Amazing Homemade Fairness Tips for Dark skin

Fairness tips to get fair skin within days naturally Fairness, fair clear skin is everyone’s dream unless you are already white or not bothered by the skin color which is great but other than that fairness is desired a lot which can be estimated by the number of fairness products floating in the market. What can be more brilliant then ...

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5 Home Remedies to Lighten the Dark Underarms

Home remedies for dark underarms Dark underarms look bad when you wear sleeveless clothes and they can be quite embarrassing when the overall skin color is fair. The darker under arms look mismatched. Underarms can get darker due to shaving, hair removing creams or using some alcohol laden deodorants. There are several home remedies to whiten the underarms naturally fast. ...

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10 Best Sandalwood Oil Brands in India with Price List

10 best sandalwood oils in india

Best Sandalwood Oil Brands in India Sandalwood Oil has been used in Indian and other Asian countries since ages. The oil is a naturally occurring oil that is a good antiseptic agent and can be used on the skin for face and for body massaging. While there are variety of ways you can use Sandalwood Oil , there are some ...

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10 Best Rosehip Oil Brands in India with Price List

Best Rosehip Oil Brands in India Rose hip oil is obtained from the seeds of Rosa Canina using the cold pressing technique. This process helps to get the purest form of Rosehip Carrier Oil. The oil is highly beneficial. It is rich in Vitamin A and C, along with these, rosehip oil that helps in regenerating skin cells. The skin ...

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10 Best Argan Oil Brands in India with Price List

10 Best Argan Oil Brands in India You may have heard about how Argan oil can be immensely beneficial for your hair, skin and body but where this oil is available? Which are the best brands that sell Argan oil? These are the questions that even we had when we were pretty new to this excellent oil. But now that ...

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