Skin Care

6 Homemade Neem Face Pack and Masks for Acne Free Clear Skin

Neem is antibacterial and anti fungal that clears the skin and also absorbs the excess oil. Neem makes skin clear and flawless with pigmentation and acne fighting properties.When you have oily to combination skin, constant breakouts, pimples and acne can be troublesome. Acne bout can leave the skin scarred and blemishes making the skin far from flawless. There are some ...

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15 Best Homemade Face Wash / Face Cleansers for Different Skin Types

home made face wash for oily skin dry skin sensitive skin

Best Homemade Face Wash/ Face Cleansers Recipes for Different Skin Types When we get up in the morning. The first step that we do for our skin is to wash it. Yes, face cleansing is the first step that everyone does for their skin care. Even if you are a man who does not pay attention to the skin care ...

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20 Top Best Under Eye Creams Available in India

20 Top Best Under Eye Creams for dark circles, wrinkles, fine lines available in India At times, we think under eye creams or products are just yet another thing that you can safely ignore but that is just not true. Benefits of under eye creams are numerous, they provide extra moisture to the under eye delicate skin that lacks skin ...

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10 Best Cleansing Milks Available in India with Prices

cleansing milk

Skin care starts with a very vital step which is cleansing the skin. Soaps, foaming skin cleansers can dry out the skin but cleansing milks are useful when you need express cleansing and don’t want any further dryness caused by the soaps. Cleansing milks are also a great way to purify your skin and make it free from the dirt ...

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6 Homemade Sandalwood Face Packs for Fair Skin

sandalwood facepacks homemade

Sandalwood face packs for fair and glowing skin Sandalwood also called as chandan in hindi and it has so many benefits. It’s soothing cooling properties has made it play a vital role in enhancing skin’s beauty and texture. Apart from sandalwood’s use in the religious purpose, it is also ideal for skin care. Sandalwood is used in so many of ...

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