Skin Care

How to Use Coconut Oil for Wrinkles and Fine Lines

How to use Coconut oil for wrinkles and fine lines Wrinkling is a sign that we are losing the youthfulness ...

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Try These Moong Dal Face Pack for Sun Tan, Fairness and Marks Removal

moong dal face packs

Homemade Moong dal face packs Moong dal (lentils) is high on proteins which are good for skin. Yellow moong dal ...

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7 Homemade Skin Whitening Face Pack and Masks To Try Now

skin whitening face packs and masks

Homemade face masks and packs for skin whitening  Skin whitening is one thing which most of the girls apparently want ...

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Step By Step Fruit Facial at Home: Recipe and Preparation With Natural Ingredients

do fruit facial at home Recipe and Preparation

Fruit facial at home Procedure, Recipe and Preparation Facials are excellent way to improve the blood circulation, tighten the sagging ...

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How to Improve Skin Texture for Face and Body at home

how to improve skin texture naturally

Improve skin texture of the face at home. You dry rough skin or skin has that some evenness, can make you ...

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How to Use Rice Powder for Skin Whitening and Fairness

rice powder face packs for skin whitening

Rice powder for face skin whitening: recipes, face packs and remedies We all aspire to attain white and glowing skin, it ...

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Top 10 Best Sandalwood Oil Brands in India (2020)

10 best sandalwood oils in india

Best Sandalwood Oil Brands in India Sandalwood Oil has been used in Indian and other Asian countries since ages. The ...

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10 Homemade Anti Aging Face Masks for All Skin Types

home made anti aging face masks natural

Homemade Anti Aging Face Masks Aging can be scary. We don’t want to see our skin getting fine lines and ...

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4 Aloe Vera Recipes for Stretch Marks Removal

Aloe Vera Recipe for Stretch Marks Removal

Aloe Vera Recipes for Stretch Marks Removal Stretch marks are something that can make you look conscious and embarrassed. You ...

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Top 10 Best Readymade Ayurvedic Face Packs in India (2020)

10 Best Ayurvedic Face Packs in Indian Market with Prices and review for glowing skin and fair skin In India, ...

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