Causes and prevention of premature white hair

causes and tips for premaure grey white hair

White hair or premature greying of hair can be worrisome especially when you’re still in your teen years. Grey/white hair is formed when the pigment called melanin is not there anymore for a particular hair strand. The melanin cells are at the base of every hair strand and when these cells die, it causes white hair. These days, stress, poor diet, hormones, pollution etc are to be blame for that salt and pepper hair that you have been noticing lately for your hair. White hair can be seen in the scalp, beard, mustache etc. Here are the causes and some tips to prevent premature greying of hair to make sure that your hair stays in their original color and to stop hair whitening.

Causes and prevention of white hair


Diet is an important factor which effects the health of the hair. Not only for hair a balanced diet is good for the overall well being and optimal functioning of the body. There are some very essential vital vitamins that helps keep hair healthy like Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Niacin, Biotin etc. A diet deficient in these vital vitamins can lead to premature greying of hair. Apart from white hair one can also experience thin hair with weaker roots. Vitamin B12 is deficiency leads majorly to premature graying of the hair. Therefore, eat healthy balanced diet that includes all the essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. You can also take supplements for the same or make sure to take fresh fruits and vegetables dally to buck up the vitamins intake.

Chemical hair styling

These days, chemically styling the hair has become need of the time. Chemical styling can make hair look stunning and in whichever way you want but it does have some side effects in the form of dry, brittle hair with weaker roots and white hair is the major side effect that can be induced by the chemical styling especially when the products used are not of high quality. It’s better to avoid too much incorporation of chemicals for hair styling rather go with the high quality products.


Stress is the major culprit behind a lot of hair and skin related problems and these days when the stress is seen at a very young age, it increases the chances of premature hair whitening even in a young age. White hair is something that every one of us will eventually came across since it’s a part of aging but stress can make a teenager experience these white hair which is for sure is not a welcoming change.


Medical condition like vitilgo can also be the reason for the appearance of white hair. When the melanin producing cells in the scalp reduce or gets dysfunction, damaged, it leads to white hair. Consulting a dermatologist will help.

Thyroid disease

Overactive or underactive thyroid is also responsible for the change in the melanin production which can lead to white hair. For the medical conditions, seeking a doctor’s advice is the best way out. Premature greying or white hair is also hereditary.


Smoking also causes formation of white hair. Smoking is a lifestyle choice that you should stop or minimize if you wish to put a stop on the premature greying of hair and don’t want white hair peeking through your natural hair color.

Heat/sun exposure

Exposure of sun and heat for a long time also effects the melanin production. It is one of the common reasons of the premature hair graying. Prolonged exposure makes hair white, dry, dull, brittle and weaker at the roots. Washing the hair with hot water, using blow dryers at high temperature also does the same damage.

Preventive measures to stop the appearance of white hair

So, now if you’ve been thinking how to prevent the white hair, here are some tips and preventive measure that could minimize the chances of the formation of white hair, so that you can enjoy the hair in their original color for a longer time.

  • Try to stay stress free taking stress will do no good for you in anyways.
  • Avoid going out in the sun in peak hours which could lead to premature graying of hair.
  • It is good to protect the hair with scarf, hats so that the sun damage and exposure should be minimized.
  • Wash hair with warm water. Never use hot water to wash hair. This could leave hair dry and devoid of moisture.
  • When possible go for air dry rather than blow drying hair. When you need to use hair dryers, use it at lower temperatures to minimize the premature graying of hair.
  • Stay fit and exercise daily or at least three days in a week. Healthy body makes sure that everything is going great with the skin and hair
  • Include vitamins and iron. Take multivitamins supplements if needed. Essential vitamins are important for avoiding premature graying of hair.
  • Minimize indulging on caffeinated beverages, junk food and alcohol.
  • Choose products meant for the hair type. Using harsh chemical loaded shampoo and styling products will do irreversible damage.
  • Shower caps should be worn while going in the pools with chlorinated water.

Premature graying of hair can be avoided by these preventive measures but if that is hereditary then that can’t be avoided the only thing one can do is to try some natural treatments for premature graying of hair so that they are covered and should be dealt well. Having said that lifestyle choices are personal that one can stop or cut down on to prevent white hair.

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