Chamomile tea benefits for health, skin, hair and uses

FOR HEALTH, SKIN, HAIR AND USES OF CHAMOMILE TEAChamomile tea benefits for health, skin, hair: Uses of chamomile tea

Chamomile which also means ground apple comes from a different variety of daisy like plants and a member of Asteraceae family. Both the dried and fresh flowers are used to prepare the Chamomile tea. Chamomile is an age old medicinal herb used by the Egyptian, Greek and Romans due to its medicinal benefits. Chamomile flowers are enriched with potent antioxidants like flavinoids and has some excellent and beneficial anti inflammatory, antibacterial and anti irritant properties. This is the reason why chamomile tea has gained popularity for its health benefits. Chamomile tea is also very refreshing light beverage to soothe the senses and relax. Chamomile tea is used to cure a lot of ailments like muscle cramps, insomnia, menstrual cramps, anxiety and panic attacks, rashes, chicken pox etc and in addition to certain other health boosting benefits of chamomile tea. Read: Coconut water health benefits

Chamomile tea benefits for health

With so many heath benefitting properties, chamomile tea is bound to benefit the body in different ways and for different ailments which can be as minor and skin cut or burn to life threatening diseases like cancer. Chamomile tea benefits are numerous. Here are some great benefits of chamomile tea that will make you think about this if you haven’t yet.


Chamomile tea helps in diabetes by regulating the blood sugar level and also hyperglycemia. This is one of the best health benefit of chamomile tea.


Chamomile tea has anti inflammatory properties due to which it helps to reduce the inflammation of the organs and other parts of the body.

Muscle spasm

Regular consumption of chamomile tea benefits in the muscle spasm.

Stomach Cramps

Chamomile tea is also a good remedy in stomach cramps as it is string anti spasmodic which soothes and cures the stomach cramps. Drinking a cup of chamomile tea morning and evening shows good results in this.

Chamomile tea benefits in insomnia

Insomnia can be quite stressful as sleep is what that rejuvenates and freshen up our body. Chamomile tea is an excellent herbal remedy for insomnia at home. All you need to do is to take chamomile tea before half an hour going to bed and it will help you deal with insomnia.

Migraine headache

Chamomile tea benefits highly in the relief from the headache seen in the migraines. As soon as the symptoms of migraine appear, take a cup of chamomile tea and soon it will help combat that.

Menstrual Cramps

As chamomile tea is helpful in reducing the muscle cramps, stomach cramps, similarly it has been observed that chamomile tea benefits in giving relief during the menstrual cramps. Chamomile tea in general makes a good home remedy for most of the cramps.

Sore throat

Chamomile tea benefits the sore throat and throat pain very well. It is a good home remedy to cure the sore throat. This tea has some powerful antibacterial properties which reduce the throat infection and heals sore throat. Just take two cups of chamomile tea and gentle sip it.


Chamomile tea also works as a good laxative which helps the bowel movement thus cures the constipation and keeps the digestive tract healthy.

Gum disease

Chamomile tea is also beneficial in curing gum and teeth diseases and also works as a good mouth wash. The tea can be used to gargle and massage the gum.

Cancer prevention

Benefits of chamomile tea are also recently seen in the prevention of cancer. It is studied and found out that chamomile tea benefits has compounds that help to ward off the cancer growth. Regular consumption of chamomile tea helps to minimize the chances of cancerous growth.

Chamomile tea benefits in Weight loss

Chamomile tea benefits in the weight loss naturally and has been proved a good remedy to get rid of the excess weight just like the green tea does. It is full on antioxidants and also chamomile tea makes the blood thinner which boosts the body’s metabolism thus the weight loss begins. Another way chamomile tea helps you lose weight is by making you  feel less hungry. It makes the sluggish feeling away and body feels energized.

Chamomile tea benefits for the skin

When it comes to skin care benefits of chamomile tea are also seen there as well. Chamomile tea benefits the skin by soothing the rashes, cuts, wounds and also by lightening the skin due to which this tea also becomes a good natural remedy to cure the darkness under the eyes.

Skin lightening

Chamomile tea exhibits skin lightening and whitening properties thus chamomile tea benefits in making the skin fairer naturally. You must have seen a lot of skin care brands come up with the products that has chamomile extracts in them that claims to whiten the complexion.

Acne cure

Chamomile tea is also able to reduce the acne scars and lighten the dark spots. Rubbing the chamomile tea over the acne pimple marks shows good improvement. Chamomile is also available in the powder, ointment forms but chamomile tea is the best to use. Once the tea has been brewed then the left tea bags can be opened and the tea can be rubbed on the acne scars to naturally remove them.

Skin soothing

Just like the aloe vera is a great skin soothing properties, chamomile too has skin soothing nature. Chamomile tea benefits in the rashes, minor cuts, wounds, burns etc and instantly soothes the skin. Just apply the chamomile tea bag dipped in cold water on the skin that is affected and soon it will heal and soothe.

Dark circles

Another use of chamomile tea is to lighten the dark circles. As chamomile tea benefits in skin lightening therefore when it is applied over the under eye circles it reduces the darkness and makes eye brighter and more awake.

How to use chamomile tea for dark circles: Take a chamomile tea bag and put it in water. When the water brew then put the tea bag over the eyes and you may drink the tea. Doing this regularly will show improvement.

Chamomile tea benefits for hair

Chamomile tea benefits as last rinse. Last rinse can do wonders for the hair whether you use lemon juice or Apple cider vinegar and chamomile tea benefits the hair with shine and luster when used as a last rinse. It also helps to seal in the hair strands to protect against hair and the split ends. Regular use of chamomile tea hair rinse will make the hair stands smoother and much stronger to resist the breakage. This is yet another great benefit of chamomile tea for hair.

Side effects of chamomile tea

Like we have good things we do have certain side effects of a product and most of the times that could be due to the excessive intake or use or due to some sought of allergies. Chamomile tea benefits a lot for the health and skin due to the antioxidants and beneficial properties but the side effects of chamomile tea includes drowsiness, giddiness, vomiting, nausea and all these are mostly caused by the high intake of chamomile tea. It is advisable that you should not intake chamomile tea during pregnancy or when you are susceptible to pollen allergies or have hay fever.

How to prepare chamomile tea

Preparation of chamomile at home is really simple and just like any other tea like green tea. Take a cup of warm boiled water and put the chamomile tea bag in it, if you’re using the chamomile tea leaves then you will have to strain it. After 5-7 minutes, take the bag out and your chamomile is ready. For the leaves strain it and then drink it to get chamomile tea’s benefits.

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