D’free Overnight Anti dandruff Lotion Review

D’free Overnight Anti dandruff Lotion Review, price and How to use this

Hi everyone!! These days, I have been watching the advertisement of this new product for dandruff. This is called D’free Overnight Anti dandruff Lotion. Dandruff problem can be very embarrassing as the dry white flakes of dandruff can be seen on the scalp and hair. The dandruff also falls on the shoulders and on the black clothes which looks bad. I ahve already shared some dandruff hair oils in India. So, in this post I will be reviewing D’free overnight anti dandruff lotion. This D’free overnight anti dandruff lotion is a new product in the market so the brand had sent me this sample to use and do a review on. I do not have too much dandruff but my brother has. By the way this D’free overnight anti dandruff lotion can be tried by both men and women.

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Cost of D’free overnight anti dandruff lotion: This lotion is priced for 200 rupees for a 100 ml bottle.

How to use this D’free Overnight Anti dandruff Lotion:

Apply the lotion at night all over the scalp. Then give a gentle massage to spread the product. Then wash it with a mild shampoo the next day.

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Experience with D’free Overnight Anti dandruff Lotion

D’free overnight anti dandruff lotion comes in a very bright blue packaging. I love this pack as the twist up cap is very good just twist it and the nozzle will be opened and the product can be easily take out. The bottle is very good as this is also a very secure and leak proof bottle. You can easily take this along with you when you travel. The product is a light whitish color creamy lotion like product. This smell nice but not very strong. I do not like any product that has a very strong smell. Here are the ingredients in this dandruff lotion.

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To apply this, my brother will just apply this directly on the scalp from the bottle. The bottle has a very long thin nozzle due to which he will section the hair and apply. Then using the finger we will spread the lotion on the entire scalp. This is an overnight solution so has to be left for overnight. Next day he will shampoo the hair.

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Results for D’free anti dandruff lotion

This will not leave the hair dry but with the first use, this has shown very good results. The scalp becomes moisturized and hydrated. The dandruff flakes and there but very little. If you do not have very heavy dandruff problem then this will show excellent results from the first usage also.  This has to be used 2 times in a week. My brother washes his hair 2 times in a week with a shampoo. So whenever he has to wash the hair, the previous night he will use this all over the scalp ad then go to sleep.

This gets absorbed little bit in the scalp so this will not be rubbed on the pillow case. He liked this D’free overnight anti dandruff lotion because this has efficiently proved beneficial in eliminating the dandruff problem and also to keep the hair shinier. This is strange but he said that this also keep the hair shinier.

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There is noting that my brother disliked about this D’free overnight anti dandruff lotion but the price can be a little too much for some people. I think the brand should have also launched this product in small sizes as well so that college girls and boys who have limited pocket money can also use that. :)

Rating: 4.5 out of 5 

Take: D’free overnight anti dandruff lotion is very effective and beneficial in keeping the hair dandruff free. For mild dandruff this will show good results from the first use. For very heavy and flaky dandruff, this will give good results after 2-3 usages. The lotion kills the microbes that causes the dandruff and will not make the hair dry or anything like that. It also does not smell bad at all.

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