Dhathri Herbal Hair Oil Review, Price and Usage

Dhathri Herbal Hair Oil Review

Herbal hair oils are good for hair. This is what I feel and got this Dhathri herbal hair oil which is based on the Ayurvedic formula with variety of Ayurvedic herbs that are beneficial for the hair. It claims that this Dhathri herbal hair oil controls the hair fall and enhances the hair growth. I had some hair fall few months ago and when I got this, I had one thing in my mind that it should strengthen my hair roots and give e some relief in the hair fall. As I knew once my hair fall would be under control then the growth would be there as my hair grows fast. So, read on this Dhathri herbal hair oil review to know more about this hair oil.

Dhathri Herbal Hair Oil Review, Price and Usage

Price: Dhathri herbal hair oil comes for rupees 249 for this new bottle. We had also included this in our top best hair growth oils in India

How to use: Massage Dhathri hair care herbal hair oil into the scalp and hair, Leave it for 30 minutes then wash the hair.

Experience with Dhathri herbal hair oil

This Dhathri herbal hair oil comes in a white and lime green bottle. The bottle is very tall and squeezed from the middle. It looks interesting and contains 100 ml of the hair oil. The bottle has stopper at the top which allows the oil to come out in good amount. I am afraid of bottles with wide mouth as I always tend to take more than the required amount, so, this bottle is good with that stopper thing. The cap of the bottle is very tight so even if I take it in a bag while travelling, the oil will not leak.

Dhathri herbal hair oil review, price and usage


The Dhathri herbal hair oil has a smell of coconut oil along with some other herbs in this hair oil. The color is a green brownish color. It has aloe vera, Nellikka, kadukka, karporam, milk, Brahmi along with few other herbs which I have never heard of. This oil is a product from the South India and south Indian hair care products are natural and herbal. You can also read Patanjali hair growth products, if you like Patanjali products

Dhathri herbal hair oil review, price and usage 6

How to use:

I use this oil at night and massaged it. It is advisable that you shake the bottle before using the oil. Also, I massage my scalp and roots with this oil gently with mild pressure from my finger pads. I have used it for 3 weeks and it has given some relief in the hair fall which I find good as the oil is not very expensive. Other than that as this oil is enriched with a lot of herbs which are beneficial so, my hair texture has improved. I mean my hair ends became rough after I colored my hair 2 month ago so after using this Dhathri herbal hair oil I have noticed that the hair are much softer and smoother.

Dhathri herbal hair oil review, price ingredients

I am using this two times in a week and have used around less than half of this bottle. I find the smell of this oil to be medium but at time it becomes very strong, I guess that is due to the temperature as well. As this has a coconut oil base, it will get solid in the winters,, but it is summer now, so now worries. :)

Dhathri herbal hair oil review, price and usage 7

I think this Dhathri herbal hair oil is not very expensive unlike the Indulekha herbal hair oil which was for 425 rupees something and I find both of them to be very similar in efficiency even though that has bhringha and other different herbs than this Dhathri hair oil.

Dhathri herbal hair oil review, price and usage india

Pros of Dhathri herbal hair oil

Price is decent and affordable as a lot of people can try this oil

Packaging is good and it is a leak proof bottle

Good bottle for travel and keep in the bag when you go to a trip.

The oil gets absorbed into the scalp and easily coats the hair while I massage this oil on my hair.

Not very difficult to get rid of when I wash my hair.

It has give good texture and smoothness to my chemically treated hair

There is some relief in hair fall

Dhathri herbal hair oil review,

Cons of Dhathri herbal hair oil

It may not give extreme benefits in hair fall as hair fall is depend on a lot of other factors too.

Though it can help in the hair growth as the nutrients can help in hair to grow faster

Smell is a bit too much at times.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Take: Dhathri herbal hair oil is a decent hair oil that can be tried to get good and healthier looking hair but the hair fall part can be tricky. For me it has shown some results in controlling the hair fall but I am not sure if that will be with everyone as everyone’s body is different. But it can help to make the hair grow faster.

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