Diet for Healthy Hair and Scalp: What to eat for strong hair?

diet for healthy hairWhat you need for healthy hair? Indian Diet for healthy hair and scalp. Do you know what you eat highly affects your hair? It is entirely crucial to have a balanced diet with the inclusion of proteins, vitamins like A, C, B complex, D and minerals like iron, selenium, zinc, phosphorus, iron etc along with proteins, carbohydrates. When you include these things in your diet targeted for healthy hair, it reflects in the form of your luscious, stronger and thicker hair with no hair related problems like dry, brittle hair, premature greying, hair fall or hair loss. Along with the proper exercises and sleep you need to include these things to have a great diet, here we will be focusing on Indian diet, which means the commonly used foods in India.

Healthy Balanced Diet for Healthy Hair and Scalp

Healthy diet can do wonders for the hair health. Have you noticed when you eat well then your hair becomes lustrous. Moreover, with a good diet you can also combat the hair loss and the brittleness of the hair. The vital food products and the vitamins make the hair grow longer and faster. People who are facing white hair from an early age can also see positive changes in the hair. Furthermore, hair which are falling in clumps after delivery or during pregnancy can also be cured with the proper diet.

1. Proteins

Proteins are the building blocks of our hair. Hair are made up of proteins therefore a good intake of proteins in your diet is quite obvious for healthy hair. Deficiency in proteins in your diet may lead to dry, brittle, life less hair that look lack lustre. Hence you should eat protein rich food items like salmon, lentils, eggs etc if you’re a vegetarian read our article on vegetarian foods for healthier hair.

2. Iron

After proteins which are more like the basic for the healthier hair, iron is one mineral that is highly needed for stronger luscious hair. Iron deficiency can lead to anemia which affects the working of the entire body not just the hair. Lack of iron in the body can lead to hair fall, dry brittle hair with weaker roots. Iron deficiency causes hair growth cycle to get slower which shows up as hair fall and stagnant hair growth. Green leafy vegetable are high in vitamins and iron.

3. Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Omega 3 fatty acids’ main purpose is to hydrate the scalp with the natural oils but this component can’t be synthesis in the body hence have to be procured from outside the body which can be done by taking diet rich in Omega 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 fatty acids are there in good amounts in food items like walnuts, avocado, pumpkin seeds etc are good to have in your diet for healthy hair.

walnut for hair4. Vitamin C

Vitamin C helps the absorption of iron in the body so that it could work its way to blood formation. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant which also helps the scalp stay clean and healthier. Foods that are rich in vitamin C are good to have in diet for healthy hair . Vitamin C is there in citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, strawberries, black currents, mango etc. Check out the best vitamins for hair growth

5. Vitamin A

Vitamin  A and iron goes hand in hand. Just like iron, vitamin A also important. It is important to make the oils for the scalp and sebum which keeps the hair naturally hydrated. Lack of vitamin A can leave your hair dry and brittle. Hence, proper inclusion of Vitamin A is a must have for hair growth.

6. Zinc and Selenium

Zinc and selenium are two minerals which are good for the hair. They help keep the scalp protected and hydrated with the prevention from dry, flaky, scaly scalp. Food rich in zinc and selenium are oats, whole grains, cereals, eggs and strawberries etc.

7. Vitamin B complex

Vitamin B complex includes important vitamins like Biotin and Niacin, both of which are highly needed for the proper growth of the hair and their strength. Deficiency in the vitamin biotin can lead to alopecia and weaker hair roots whereas niacin deficiency can make hair dull, lifeless and poor growth. Dandruff and greasy hair is also seen when the deficiency of vitamin B complex is there. Foods like peas, broccoli, cabbage etc are rich in this vitamin and hence should be included in diet to get healthier hair.

Other than these it is also good to have minerals like potassium, manganese which are there in the nuts and the green leafy vegetables.

So, follow these diet tips to get the best hair and fighting the hair loss, hair fall and promoting hair growth. Also check out post on Ayurvedic packs for faster hair growth

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