Easy Remedy to Reduce Dark Circles at Home? Reader’s Query

Easy Remedy to Reduce Dark Circles at Home? Reader’s Query

Hi everyone! Today’s reader’s query post is about dark circles. Few days ago, a reader asked us about a simple and easy way to reduce the dark circles, we can understand that in hectic life we need simple and easy home remedies especially for men who cannot do a lot of preparations like mixing product A with B with C etc, So, the reader asked us how can we do home treatment for the dark circles easily.

Here is a quick beauty tips to treat dark circles.

First we will tell you, dark circles can be due to these factors so, if you are doing any of those, we will suggest you to try to change the lifestyle. This is because there is no point in treating a skin condition when you do not take preventing measures. Right everyone?

Dark circles are majorly caused by

  • No taking enough sleep for 7-8 hours
  • Working on the computers, laptop for very long
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Stress and alcohol intake etc

So, Now what can you do to cure the dark circles so that you do not look sleepy and tired even when you are not.

Recipe for Easy Remedy to Reduce Dark Circles 

Here is a quick beauty tip to treat dark circles. You will need just a potato.

Here is a quick beauty tips to treat dark circles.

  • Cut a really thin slice of the potato and start to rub that under the eyes and some on the eyelids as well since your eyelids can also be darker. You have do try this at night before going to sleep.
  • Do not wash and let the potato juice be there till the morning.
  • Wash the face in the morning. Apply an eye cream for the day time.
  • Do this daily and soon your will see that the darkness is getting faded. The under eye area is becoming lighter

Now, you do not have to waste an entire potato every day even though potatoes are cheap. You can take either a small potato or after cutting a slice keep that in the refrigerator and use that the next days. So, that your mom will not scold you!

Why this potato juice treatment for dark circles works

This remedy with potato juice works because potato juice has natural skin lightening and bleaching properties due to which it reduces the melanin levels. Potato juice will lighten the skin when applied regular on the affected area.

Men can try this treatment very easily to help fade the darkness under the eyes.

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  1. hi I m sani jaiswal I use patanjali aloe gel and roop mantra cream can I use roop mantra cream whole night and in which way ican use aloe gel please reply i am suffering from pimple and scar problem

  2. You can sue aloe vera in the form of a face pack. You can mix aloe vera gel with some lemon juice and apply that on the face for 30 minutes. then wash. Apply your roop mantra as usual.