Engage Woman Deodorant in Blush Review

Engage Woman Deodorant in Blush Review 8

Engage Woman Deodorant in Blush

Today’s review is about the latest deo in my collection. I like using deodorants. Well, a lot of us do, but in my case, I keep around 4-5 deos and would use them regularly. I get bored when I use the same deodorant everyday. Normally all of us do the same, but I have changed this habit of mine. Anyways dearies, I have this Engage Woman Deodorant in Blush that I am going to review in this article. Enagage deodorants have been here in Indian market but honestly, I have always turned a blind eye towards these Engage Woman Deodorants. The reason is not known to me but I think I should have used Engage deos long ago. Why I am saying that? Let’s find out in this Engage Woman Deodorant review.

Price of Engage Woman Deodorant: These Engage deodorants for women are priced at 195 rupees in Indian market. The product is easily available.

Packaging: The packaging is pretty and has a unique shape as compared with the other popular deos. I like this tall bottle with a nice pink color. Truly a beautiful packaging for a girl’s product. Count me in, I like everything that is bright and colorful. Moving on.

Experience with Engage Woman Deodorant in Blush

Blush is the pink variant of this deodorant that is from Engage. Let me reveal the secret even before I have started the real review of this Engage Woman Deodorant. And that is that I simply loved it. I have never thought that these Engage women deodorants would be so extremely nice smelling. The intoxicating sweet smell have made me their fan. NO, Honestly, this is one of  the best smelling deodorants after Secret Temptations that a have used. Point to be noted here, I have used a lot of deodorants from all the popular and Not-so-popular brands of deodorants in India but this is just amazing. It smells really good with the sweet smell that is mixed with the rosey notes. It is not of those artificially bad smelling body sprays that can make you dizzy. The day, I bought this, I sprayed this on my clothes and under-arms. I kept it and got busy with my day. Do you know what? The next day, I can sniff the nice subtle smell that was still coming from the underarms and the clothes. This was impressive!!

Engage Woman Deodorant in Blush Review 2

After all, girls like to smell good and the fragrance should last long. You cannot use your expensive perfume every day. Do you?  I am literally addicted to it. At time, I have used this Engage Woman Deodorant along with the Blue can of the Secret Temptation one. Both of then when used together created an amazing scent. At least for me!! It was intoxicating and sensuous. Having such a nice experience with this Engage women deo, I am thinking of buying the rest of the two fragrances as well. The rest two are in Blue bottle which is Spell and the yellow bottle of Tease.

Engage Woman Deodorant in Blush Review 6

I am totally satisfied with this deodorant as it gives me freedom of body odor. I do not have too much body odor but something that majority of Indian girls have in hot and humid climate. So, it is able to give me body odor protection that I need. I am someone, who do not like nay odor be it the bad breath or body odor.


It is a very nice deo with a beautiful girly packaging

Safe for the underarms and does not sting even when you have just shaved the underarms hair

Gives a lasting protection from the body odor

In summers too, it keeps the body feeling fresh but the duration can decrease a bit

The sweet rosy smell is really excellent and many girls will like it

Not harsh or over powering smell

The gentle whiff of soothing aromatic scent is relaxing

There are two more variants available

Availability is very easy and online this is available on every online shopping site

Very much in budget kind of deodorant for women


None its just that the bottle is really tall so is not that travel friendly.

Rating: 4 out of 5

Engage women Deodorant in the variant blush is the pink colored bottle that is tall and looks good. The bottle is not the travel friendliest bottle but is does work like charm for bad odor. It has a sweet smell that oozes of rose and sweet fruitiness. It stays all day long but if you sweat more than the staying span decreases. On a whole, or in short, it is a worth trying deodorant for college girls which is very much in budget. You can try it once, I am sure you are going to love it too.

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