Essential Monsoon Hair Care Tips for Men and Women

Monsoon Hair Care

Monsoons are here and we all love to get drenched in the rain, play in the rain but one thing we must not forget that in this season, hair care and skin care is also important. We love to sport the rain wet hair look though that may not be very good for our hair. Do you know why as rain water is infused with certain acids, chemicals, impurities etc which is why Monsoon hair care becomes extremely important or both girls and boys. We will share what you should do and shouldn’t do with your hair during monsoons or what should be there in your monsoon hair kit. We will also give you some insights on monsoon hair styling tips for this change in season.

Monsoon hair Care tips for men and women

During monsoon hair tends to get greasy and oily due to the humidity level going up. Thus in the rainy season make sure that you keep your scalp clean. For that one can use a mild every shampoo which helps to take off the impurities even if you have wet your hair with rain water.

Hair Styling products

Hair styling is good for people who loves to sport perfect hair but as the hair styling products will have chemicals, they will further add grease and product build up when can have negative effect on the scalp in rainy season. So, you should try and minimize the use of hairstyling products.

Hair Conditioning

Your scalp becomes oilier than usual during monsoons but that doesn’t mean the same for the hair strands. Hair strands need conditioning and when you have rough dry hair ends then hair conditioning becomes utmost important. You may have noticed that during monsoons, dusty winds are common which can dry the hair further so, always use a hair conditioner on the hair strands below the level of the ears.

Hot Oil Massaging

The dusty dry winds can tangle the hair, make them dry and damaged the cuticle of your hair. Hot oil massaging can be extremely beneficial to give the hair its lost moisture. Mix 2-3 types of oils like almond oil, olive oil coconut oil etc and use these beneficial oils to massage your scalp and hair. Keeping the oils overnight is good. You can shampoo the next morning.

Scarves and caps

To protect your hair from getting damaged with winds and other form of dust, you can wear scarves and men can opt for caps.

Hair rinse to remove product build up and impurities

Rain water can have mild acids and impurities while windy season will fill the scalp with dirt. In that case it becomes very crucial for you to take extra step like washing the hair with a homemade hair rinse once a week to get squeaky clean scalp and also to remove any hair styling product build up. For that, you will need lemon juice. Apply lemon juice on the scalp after you have washed the hair and wait for 5 minutes. Then rinse this with water. This step will make the hair free of any dirt and product residue and also makes the hair shinier.

Monsoon Hair care tips for Hair fall

Hair fall increases in monsoon season mostly become scalp gets slightly wet and oily as compared with other seasons. This is due to the increased humidity in the atmosphere during monsoon. So, to combat the hair fall, you can make sure that the scalp is clean and washing it 3 times in a day or daily. This will keep the scalp clean and oil free. Make sure you use mild shampoo if you are washing the hair everyday as harsh shampoos could disturb the natural pH balance of the scalp.

Monsoon Hair Care Tips for dandruff

monsoon hair care

This seasonal change makes us prone to get an infection therefore make sure that your scalp is clean and if you already have dandruff and itchy scalp them try some home remedies to combat it. As scalp problems can get worse when the weather is humid and microbes get full sustainable condition to thrive well. Here are some hair care tips to get rid of the dandruff problem on rainy season.

  • Apply lemon juice on the scalp and leave for 30 minutes then wash the hair. Do this 2 times in a week
  • Apply tea tree oil or neem oil on the scalp to clear off the fungal infection. Tea tree oil and neem oil are both anti-fungal in nature thus will control the dandruff which is a fungal scalp infection.
  • Use curd on the hair as a pack for 30 minutes then wash the hair. This will smoothen the dry hair and give good relief in itchy scalp.
  • Do not rub the comb too tightly over the scalp as this can aggravate the condition rather sue wide toothed comb.

Do’s and don’ts in Monsoon for hair care

monsoon hair packs and masks

Always wash your hair with water when your hair gets wet in rain water.

Keep a scarf with you to protect the hair from winds which could damage the hair.

Apply a light hair serum to keep the hair frizz free and add a gentle protective layer.

Go for hot oil massaging once in a week this is a must have step in monsoon hair care

Keep wide toothed comb with you as they are good to detangle the hair and won’t harm the hair cuticle.

Apply homemade hair pack once in a week or 15 days to keep the hair moisture locked in and also to minimize the frizz.

Apply Jojoba oil on the hair ends to reduce the monsoon hair frizz..

Do not use too many hair styling chemical treatments. Try to reduce them.

Homemade Monsoon Hair packs

monsoon hair care tips

Hair packs can help the hair to get smoother and stays nourished. Here are some herbal hair packs and masks that you can try during rainy season or otherwise.

Olive oil and honey pack: Mix 2 teaspoonful of olive oil with 3 teaspoonful of organic pure honey then apply this on the hair and scalp. Leave it for 30 minutes. Then wash the hair.

Neem powder hair pack for dandruff: Mix 2 teaspoonful of neem powder 2 teaspoonful of gram flour then mix them using some water. Apply this mixture on the scalp and hair. Gram flour will cleanse the scalp and neem powder will reduce the dandruff and scalp itchiness.

Egg and almond oil hair pack: Mix one egg and 2 teaspoonful of almond oil in it. Use this on the hair and scalp. Leave for 40 minutes then was the hair. The egg smell will go away. Egg will keep the hair conditioned and shinier. Almond oil will help retain the moisture in your hair.

What should be there in Monsoon Hair Care Kit

If you’re travelling or would like to replace your hair care products as per the changing season then these tips will help you to know what one should keep in their monsoon hair care.

Mild everyday shampoo: As our scalp get oilier and wet in rainy season, it is good to keep an everyday mild shampoo. A mild shampoo also keeps the scalp grease free and oil free thus minimizes the hair loss due to oiliness of scalp.

Wide toothed comb: This is good to separate the wet hair and hair that gets detangled after the winds.

Conditioners: hair conditioners are must have product to be used on the dry hair ends.

Hair serum: Applying hair serum on the frizzy hair during rainy season will help to tame the flyaways and frizz.

Hair oil:  For dandruff: hair oils that have herbal ingredients which combat the dandruff are essential in your monsoon hair care kit. It will stop the infection from spreading more and eventually will cure them.

Monsoon hair care & styling tips

monsoon hair styling

During monsoon, as we have mentioned that you should not use too many hair styling products on the hair. After the hair wash you can use, hair dry just to blow dry the hair and sue some hair frizz to reduce frizziness. You can try hair styles that don’t require too much styling products. Hairs styles like braids, Ponytails, side buns are good that can be even made if your hair gets wet during the rainy season.

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