16 Latest Frill Saree Blouse Designs For Parties and Weddings

Frill Blouse designs are really in trend currently. Frills are actually a type of extra fabric that is used like ruffles and pleats that add more beauty and detailing to the saree blouse design. It gives you modern and very beautiful appearance. This is why we have compiled this list of the beautiful frill and pleated blouse designs for sarees and lehengas. Not just for the net or chiffon sarees in fact frill blouse designs are equally popular with traditional silk sarees. So while they are trending hot they are really highly fashionable looking. Let’s make peoples head turn by adding the simple detailing to your blouses.

Latest Frill Blouse Designs for Sarees and Lehengas

1. Pleated Saree Blouse Design at Sleeves

Pleated saree blouse design at sleeves

The pleated blouse design has a Boat neckline with elbow length sleeves. The highlight is the blades over the edge of the sleeves that makes it very modern and stylish. The blouse is made in art Silk fabric though it can be replicated in other fabrics as well. The same style will go beautifully with the velvet fabric.

2. Golden Neckline Frill Saree Blouse

Golden neckline Frill saree blouse

Frills can also be added in the neckline. Here the round neckline with the scoop neckline is furthermore made pretty by the use of frill. The frill used is in the same colour and fabric however it can also be in the contrasting colour. The golden frill blouse design looks really attractive ans enticing.

3. Frill Long Sleeve Blouse Design

Frill Long Sleeve Blouse Design

On your sleeves you can surely decorate them with the help of frills. Here in this design there is triple and single frill on the same blouse pattern. It looks really nice when they are made using a sheer net fabric. The frills also makes the sleeve length. There are currently hot this season so you must try it once.

4. Frill Blouse Design For Simple Sarees

Frill blouse design for simple sarees

It’s an all in all frill blouse design. With round front and back neckline the blouse is given frill on the neckline and edge of the sleeves.

5. Frill Sleeve Saree Blouse Design

Frill sleeve saree blouse design

You can never have enough of the beautiful blouses with pure silk sarees. The blouse here is made with net fabric and looks more like a western blouse to be paired with your jeans and skirts but it is truly a gorgeous frill saree blouse design.

6. Cold Shoulder Frill Saree Blouse Pattern

Cold shoulder frill saree blouse pattern

Go for a cold shoulder blouse design and add the frill on the sleeves. The front part gives a very fashionable look to this already modern looking blouse. The best part is the colour which is beautiful lavender.

7. All Over Frill Blouse For Saree

All over frill blouse for Saree

Frills can also take place of the traditional sleeves. In this blouse which Deepika is wearing has multiple layers of frills t amplify its styling and beauty. This makes it a very fashionable and high end design.

8. Trendy Frill And Ruffled Blouse

Trendy frill and ruffled blouse

The ruffled and heavy frilled pattern takes place of the sleeves. The blouse design is made with a Georgette fabric to which frills attached on the shoulders which also takes place of the traditional sleeves. It is paired with the cotton saree however, it can also be paired with net sarees, Georgette sarees and pattu sarees.

9. Long Sleeves Frill Saree Blouse

Long Sleeves frill saree blouse

Adding frill on the sleeves after  some gap can create this magical effect. The otherwise simple blouse has been given beautiful look with the help of frills.

10. Butterfly Shoulder Frill Design

Butterfly shoulder frill Design

This extremely stunning looking blouse design here comes with frills on the shoulder. It is one of the best frill blouse designs for sleeves. You must try it once with your net sarees and people would compliment you surely.

11. Off Shoulder Frill Blouse Pattern

Of shoulder frill blouse pattern

It’s not a regular sleeve or frill but a fringe like panel that is given over the shoulders and bust line. It gives a look of an off shoulder or cold shoulder tops. It is one of the most modern looking frill blouse designs.

12. Waistline Frill Blouse Design

Waistline Frill Blouse Design

So we have seen frill blouse designs attached over the neckline and sleeves and here it is over the bust line. The beautiful pattern is surely eye catching and fashionable.

13. One Shoulder Frill Blouse Design

One shouller frill blouse design

In this beautiful bridal blouse, the frills are given from one shoulder goes till the underarm area. The beautiful blouse is surely a stunning designer piece. For all the modern brides, they can spot a beautiful blouse for their Pre wedding ceremonies.

14. Pleated Short Sleeves Saree Blouse

Pleated short sleeves saree blouse

Pleats are added to the short sleeve blouse design to give it more dimension and beauty. Even a simple blouse can be enhanced and made designer or modern by the use of the simple styling technique.

15. Cuff Ruffles Saree Blouse Pattern

Cuff Ruffles saree blouse pattern

High neck design style blouse is given frills on the cuffs. It gives an appearance of the regular white top that you wear with your jeans but when it is paired with a regular saree, it becomes very high street fashion.

16. Of Shoulder Ruffled Saree Blouse

Of shoulder ruffled saree blouse

In this, off shoulder blouse the frill is the best part. It is a stunning blouse design which has rich sequin embroidery work. It is best to be paired with your skirts, sarees and lehenga.

So, these are the latest frill saree blouse designs that would surely inspire you.

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