Godrej No 1 Fairness Face Wash Review and Prices

I will review Godrej No 1 Nature White fairness face wash with kesar. Kesar is known in Ayurveda as a great skin lightning and fairness agent. I have reviewed Godrej No 1 pimple control face wash with neem earlier and that was good too. Now this fairness face wash with kesar sounds good and I have been using it since dew days and overall the results are good. Skin fairness beauty benefits of kesar saffron are well known.

Godrej No 1 Nature White fairness face wash review

Price of Godrej No 1 fairness face wash: This is for 35 rupees for 50 ml and has a shelf life of 3 years.

Brands claims: Godrej No 1 Nature White fairness face wash gives a glow with the kasmiri kesar and the floral extracts. Kashmiri kesar enriches the skin and nourishes it while floral extracts removes the dirt and grime for a brighter fairer looking skin.

Experience with Godrej No 1 Nature White fairness face wash

This Godrej No 1 skin whitening face wash comes in a white tube with a flip top cap. The face wash is a milky creamy white with some orangish colored extracts in this. I closely noticed and saw that the color is slight pinkish too due to the floral extracts in this face wash.

godrej no 1 nature white fairness face wash india price kesar

Godrej fairness face wash is a creamy face was which lather mildly and yet gives a through cleansing experience. After the wash this face wash doesn’t dry out the skin and skin feels so softer. I like face washes that will not dry or make my face stretchy. I have combination skin therefore the T zone is oily while the rest of the face is normal. This has worked very well for my combination oily skin and has not given any break outs. My mum has dry skin and she too likes this godrej lightening face wash for her dry skin. It nourishes the skin and deeply cleanses that. Even though it is good for dry skin, normal skin and combination skin, this face wash is not very good for excessive oily skin as for that you need a face was that can control and squeeze out the excess oils. Therefore, for the very oily acne prone skin, you can try the Godrej No 1 pimple control neem face wash. [White tone face powder]

godrej no 1 nature white fairness face wash review with kesarThis face wash makes my face brighter and better than before, I like the dewiness and soft feeling that my skin gets after using this Godrej No 1 Nature White fairness face wash. [ Vicco turmeric cream with foam base face wash ]

godrej no 1 nature white fairness face wash

Pros of Godrej No 1 Nature White fairness face wash 

  • Inexpensive
  • Good easy to carry packaging
  • Lather mildly yet deep cleanses the skin
  • Makes skin glowing and brighter
  • Nourishes the skin and doesn’t dry the skin
  • Good for dry to combination skin
  • Has the goodness of saffron and floral extracts

Cons of Godrej No 1 face wash with kesar

  • Not too much fairness but it gives glow and brightness
  • Not for very oily skin

Rating: 4 out of 5

Godrej No 1 Nature White fairness face wash is a very inexpensive and cheap face wash that makes the skin softer and brighter. To some extent this face wash makes the skin looking slightly fairer but do not expect too much on that. Other than that the face wash is excellent for the smooth, glowing skin. it is suitable for dry to combination skin. For very oily skin this will not be the best so you can try the Godrej neem face wash. I think this is ideal for a brighter glowing face in winters for everyone.

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