Health Benefits of Ginger Juice and Ginger: Must Know Facts

health benefits of ginger juiceHealth Benefits of Ginger and Ginger juice for health

Ginger is an extensively used and well known herb across the globe in different cuisines. But that’s not it, the medicinal uses and health benefits of ginger make it a great food item. Ginger is a brownish rhizome which is actually an underground stem but often referred to as root. Ginger has a pungent scent and it is fleshy and juicy. Ginger is used in teas for flavoring. Ginger juices are also recommended in Ayurveda to cure a lot of minor ailments mainly the stomach ailments. So, what makes ginger highly beneficial for health? It is the antioxidant properties of ginger which makes it miraculous. Ginger has anti inflammatory and anti cancer properties which gives it medicinal benefits also.

Nutritional Benefits of ginger juice

Ginger has some vital essential oils, calcium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin C, proteins, folate, panthotenic acid, silicon, vitamin B3, selenium along with other minerals in small amounts. Ginger is also rich in more than ten types of antioxidants which help this to be powerful antioxidant.

Health benefits of Ginger juice

Ginger possesses plentiful of health benefits which are due to its antioxidants, anti inflammatory, and anti cancer features along with the nutrients it has.


Ginger gives relief in cold and also lowers down the fever. Ginger juice can be mixed with some water and ingested to get relief from the cold. It also enhances the body’s immunity.


Ginger juice also helps when one is suffering from cough. It helps eliminate and reduce the phlegm which gives some relief in the cough. Add some ginger juice and honey. Drink this to get instant relief. Ginger juice and honey remedy is an age old remedy for cough.

Pain Relieving

Ginger juice is a great pain killer. You can use ginger juice on the forehead or drink some ginger juice to get relief from the head ache. It also helps relief the stomach pain.

Menstrual problem

Menstruation pain and cramps can be problematic for women. Ginger juice also helps with that. Extract some ginger juice around 2 teaspoonful and add 2 teaspoonful of honey into it. Drink this once in a day to get relief from the cramps during menstruation.

Morning Sickness

Ginger juice also shows good results in morning sickness and dizziness. Taking one teaspoonful of ginger juice helps in morning sickness and also in nausea.

Ginger as Anti coagulant

Ginger has anti coagulant properties because of which it minimizes the chances of atherosclerosis and keeps the blood platelets less sticky. Taking one teaspoonful of ginger juice to get the health benefits of ginger.


Inflamed joints and condition like arthritis can be quite problematic and painful. Ginger juice consumption also helps reducing the swelling and shows some relief in that.

These health benefits of ginger juice are worth including ginger juice in your diet. So, the next time you cook add some ginger juice or just take one teaspoonful of ginger juice. It will combat a lot of different ailments and will enhance the immunity.

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