Health Benefits of Lauki Juice (Bottle Gourd Juice)


Lauki Juice (Bottle gourd Juice) Benefits for healthly body.Bottle gourd which is also known as lauki, dhudhi, hisago etc in the Indian subcontinent is a very popular vegetable. Ayurveda has listed numerous health benefits and medicinal properties of bottle gourd (Lauki). Lauki Juice has high nutritional value and benefits in curing ailments like diabetes, cholesterol, weight loss, digestive tract problems and so many more.So, let’s know the amazing benefits of lauki juice.

Nutritional Benefits of Lauki Juice

Lauki has Vitamin A, C riboflavin, Niacin, thiamine, Zinc, sodium, Folate, magnesium, calcium, iron, potassium, Vitamin B6 along with the carbohydrates, proteins and dietary fibres. It has around 90 % water content along with the nutrients which is why this vegetable is spongy and very easy to digest. It also adds the much needed roughage to the food which is also a major reason why the lauki is beneficial for a good digestive system

Health benefits of Lauki Juice

Eating the bottle gourd in the cooked state or in the lauki juice form, gives its health benefits. Here are some reasons why you should consume or drink lauki juice to get the benefits for good health.

1. Benefits of lauki Juice in diabetes

A diabetic patient has this recurring thirst which can be controlled with the bottle gourd juice. bottle gourd juice also keeps the blood sugar levels in check when consumed every day. Other than that the thirst that is caused by the consumption of fatty foods is also controlled with this juice. [Read: Health benefits of carrot Juice]

2. Benefits of Lauki Juice for digestive system

Bottle gourd juice is highly beneficial for a proper functioning of the digestive system. It aids in proper digestion of the food and tones the system. Lauki juice also helps to get rid of the problems like flatulence, bloating, piles and constipation. Regular consumption of lauki as in the vegetable cooked form or its juice helps keeps the gut clean. This juice also gives relief in stomach acidity and ulcer problem.

3. Nutrients benefits of lauki juice

As mentioned earlier lauki has high percentage of water content and still the amount of nutrients are high like that of vital vitamins and essential mineral with very less calories. Per 100 grams bottle gourd has only 14 calories and negligible fat content. As the bottle gourd has 90 % water, it replenishes the body fluids and also revitalizes the body. [Read: Health benefits of aloe vera juice]

4. Benefits of lauki juice in weight loss

Now, due to this very feature of lauki juice that it has very less calories and fats, bottle gourd juice is excellent for weight loss and those of us who needs to keep the weight under check without depriving the body of the essential nutrients. You can also read how amla juice benefits in weight loss]

5. Lauki juice for heart and blood pressure

Lauki juice when consumed daily or regularly is known to cut down and reduce the bad cholesterol which is low density lipoproteins. When the cholesterol is less heart functions well without the extra pressure on the arteries. This also prevents the condition like arteriosclerosis and reduces the chances of strokes and heart attacks. Consumption of lauki juice improves the blood circulation in the body as well.

6. Bottle gourd Lauki benefits for hair

It is well known and is also mentioned in the Ayurveda that the regular drinking of bottle gourd juice helps a lot in preventing the premature greying of hair. Just like fenugreek use helps the premature greying when it is applied on the hair, similarly consumption of lauki juice prevents white hair. This juice also makes the hair healthy and shiny. [Read: home remedies for darkening premature white hair ]

7. Lauki juice benefits for skin

Our skin shows the condition of the digestive tract which is true most of the times. What you eat shows on the face. Hence when the digestive tract is working well and is clean then it is bound to show on the face as the radiant skin and glowing face. Drinking a cup of bottle gourd juice is beneficial in cleansing the gut and keeps the skin youthful.

8. Lauki juice benefits for urinary tract ailments

At time, a burning sensation is there after urinating which could be due to the more than the normal acids in the urine. When lauki juice is consumed regular it neutralizes that naturally and that problems is relieved. It also helps in flushing out the toxins from the body along with the urine. [Read: Ginger Juice health benefits ]

Side Effects of Bottle Gourd (Lauki Juice)

So, now we know that the bottle gourd juice or lauki juice has many health benefits but one thing is also important that one should know. There can be bottle gourd poisoning and can have health risks. This happens by a substance in bottle gourd, which is called as Tetracyclic Triterpenoid Cucurbitacins, which causes the side effects like diarrhea, nausea vomiting etc. that needs medical attention. To help prevent that always make sure that the bottle gourd you are using to extract the juice out should not be bitter in taste.

How to Extract Lauki Juice: Bottle gourd juice Recipe

  • Take a medium sized bottle gourd.Peel off the outer skin, wash it thoroughly.
  • Cut a small piece and taste first if the lauki is not bitter. If that tastes bitter throw it away it is not suitable for the consumption.
  • Chop the vegetable in small pieces and put that in the blender.
  • Extract the juice and fill the glass with it. You may add a pinch of salt and drink it.

Though it is advisable to keep the sodium intake less when you have high blood pressure problem. It is also advised not to mix the lauki juice with any other vegetable juice.

We should keep in mind that every system in our body is affected by the other system. When the digestion process is good. Better absorption of food takes place which means the more nutrients will reach the blood and finally to the issues and there will be no deficiency. The wastage is getting out of the body regularly and less free radicals are there. Blood is purified which makes it capable of carrying more oxygen hence all the system works properly which eventually shows up on outside in our skin and healthy hair stronger nails, teeth eye etc. But one thing is also important and that is exercising.

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