Health Benefits of Sunlight and Sun Exposure

benefits of sunlight

Some sunlight a day can lighten up your day. Do you now why sunlight is very important for you? Did you know sunlight is health embedded? Know much more about sunlight and its benefits to human kind. Sun and its rays are considered as boon to human race in our epics.

Health Benefits of Sunlight and Sun

Healthy and Stronger Bones

Sunlight is rich in vitamin D and most of us know it. But most of us may not know that vitamin D is rare to find in nature other than in sun. Therefore it becomes essential for a person to get some sunlight daily to attain vitamin D.

Sitting in sunlight for 5 -10 minutes strengthen bones. The calcium you take is only digested when it contact to sunlight. And so it is suggested to sit in sunlight for some time. This digests the calcium taken and prevent from accumulation of calcium in certain parts forming stones.

Kills bacteria

Health benefits of sunlight doesn’t stop here. If you want to be bacteria free then contact with sunlight is necessary. Open doors and windows of house for some time daily as it kills bacteria and helps you stay healthy. It kills all infection and allergy causing agents in the surrounding. If you are wounded or have certain allergy it is recommended to sit in sunlight to cure it. It also calms the wound and its inflammation.

Helps to cure skin problems

If you are prone to acne there is a probability of spreading the infection this can be prevented if you are exposed to sunlight in a balance way. Moreover it is also a secondary treatment for eczema and jaundice. Doctors recommend these patients for some sun exposure. You must have heard skin specialist recommending their patients for some sun exposure for most of the diseases related to skin.

Cancer Prevention

It is proved by many researchers that people living in countries with less or no sunlight are much prone to cancer and suffer most of their life. Thus optimum exposure to sunlight prevents cancer causing agents.

Uplift mood and is an anti depressing agent

When you comes in contact with sunlight your brain secrete a chemical called serotonin. This chemical formation uplifts the mood and the person experience happiness. Also it prevents from depression. The person cools down by this chemical formation due to sunlight preventing stress, anxiety and hyperactivity. It further leads to lowering blood pressure too. Sunlight in short is a brain food. It strengthens brains nerves and keeps you alert. It also keeps you active and fresh day long. Getting sunlight for 10-15 minutes daily can boost the synthesis of vitamin D and also reduces the chances of stress of depression.

Prevent Insomnia

Are you sleepless and can not sleep when you desire? Are you unable to sleep for continuous hours? Here is an easy remedy for who are insomniac. Just sit for 15-20 in sunlight daily. This would cure the sleeping disorder naturally without any side effect. It not only stimulates deep sleep but you feel relaxed too. Sleep is very essential part of life which cannot be ignored when you have sleep disorder.

Boosts immune system

Sun rays strengthens immune system which makes you strong to fight diseases, prevent health problems and cure if you are infected with any disease. A healthy immune system leads a healthy and beautiful you.

Other health Benefits of sun light and sun exposure

Did you know if any one experience arthritis he/she is recommended to spend time in sunlight. This reduces the pain, swelling and inflammation on affected area. Also women who experience menstrual cramps are advised to sit in sunlight so that the pain calms. Moreover the eye sight is improved. Some parts of retina depend on sunlight to get stimulated.

There are lots of health benefits of sun light. Hope this article helped you. Whole body is regulated and show improvement when it comes to sun light. So you’re recommended to spend some time out skirts and have a healthy sun bath. A healthy person is a beautiful person.

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