Himalaya Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash for Men Review, Price

Himalaya Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash for Men

Hey everyone! This is post for men only as in this post, I will share Himalaya intense oil clear lemon face wash for men review. Men skin care products have started to increase and every day we see so many men’s skin care products’ advertisements on T.V. This is good, as men too should take care of their skin especially as they ride bike, roam around in sun etc. This product has been used by my brother so, this review is based on what he likes and dislikes about this Himalaya intense oil clear lemon face wash. I will write the review here as I knew he will not write the review for me. But anyways. I am glad that Himalaya herbals too have started making products for men in India.

Himalaya Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash for Men price, review and how to use

Price of Himalaya intense oil clear lemon face wash

This facial cleanser is for 70 rupees for a small 50 ml pack. The pack is greenish blue which looks really attractive and very easy to carry in a bag if you are a college student as throughout the day oils starts to come on the face so, boys can wash their face once while they are out of home. You can also read about other good face wash for men in India.

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This men’s face wash comes in a light blue green tube as I said and the face wash is a gel like face cleanser. It has lemon extracts which are good for oily skin because lemon takes off the excess oil and also lightens some blemishes on the face. This face wash smells good and refreshing due to lemon essence.

The gel formula is good for most of the skin types as it doesn’t make the skin oily or too dry. This face wash too will help to remove the residue of dirt, impurities and sebum off the face without making the skin stretchy, which is nice.

Himalaya Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash for Men review Himalaya Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash for Men

Just one tip here: I have seen many boys will rub the face wash for too long which will dry their skin and then more sebum is produced which can cause acne or skin problems when this sebum gets blocked in skin pores. Therefore, just gently rub the face wash for 10-15 second on the face, then rinse off with water. I am sure, once you will start doing this, you will see a difference.

This Himalaya intense oil clear lemon face wash for men also contain menthol which will give mild cooling sensation when my brother used this. Lemon also tones and tightens the face. He had few pimples and this face wash along with the eraser pimple cream have worked wonderfully for him to clear his face. Else his face was full of small tiny zits.

Himalaya Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash for Men review

This is an oil clear formula so, this face wash is good for boys with acne prone oily skin or combination skin. I have no idea if dry skinned boys can use this or not. I guess not as it is clearly ,mentioned as oil clear face wash.

Good about Himalaya Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash for Men

Price is good

Packaging is ideal and travel friendly

Makes mild lathers but cleanses the skin well

Good for men with oily combination skin

Lemon extracts in this face wash helps to make the skin clear and toned

It clears the oil but will not dry the skin

It has not caused skin irritation or allergies

Removes sebum and impurities well

Not So Good about Himalaya Intense Oil Clear Lemon Face Wash for Men

There was nothing that my brother disliked about this face wash.

The only thing was that oils start to appear on the face after 3-4 hours again.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5

Himalaya intense oil clear lemon face wash is good for men for daily usage. It gently clean the skin and take away the dirt, grease and oils. Good for oily to normal skin types but not for dry skin as it has an oil clear formula with lemon extracts.

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  1. Ma’am i am really very annoyed with my facial problem. My face release too much oil . i can see it on my finger shining when i touch my face. I hv tried many products . recently garnier men face wash it give relief only for some minutes but after that again my skin starts releasing oil. Is there any face wash or something by which i can get rid of of it for atleast 5 to 6 hours?? I am a college student and this problem really take my confidence down.
    Please help!!

  2. Hi Rahul,

    I can understand that. you can apply multani mitti face pack everyday for 15 minutes. This can help to control the oil else honestly, I have used loads of face washes and most for them can make skin oil free for up to 3 hours max therefore, you have to try some remedies like multani mitti.
    As a quick solution you can use a rose water spray over the face then wipe off with a handkerchief.
    Hope this helps!!

  3. hi mem. I’m 21 year old my skin is oily type,in my skin has available some acne and dark spot
    plz suggest me, which face wash is best of the best for me?

  4. Hi Girish,

    You can try Nivea for men dark spot face wash.

  5. Hello can u help me my skin is oily and pimples and dark sport and i many face wash try but not good reesult tell me which face wash try

  6. hi mam my skin is very oil face and also dark skin .i have not use any face wash creams plz tell the best face cash cream for oil controls and dark skin controls plz help me mam

  7. Hi Mahesh,

    You can use Garnier fairness moisturiser but sadly there is no creams that can control the oils for more than 3-4 hours.
    For face wash, i will suggest Himalaya neem face wash.

  8. ray abhishek ranjan

    good evening mam…Imma medical student…..I’m just 20 &
    my skin was too oily….I always want hygienic. ……I used this one but It doesn’t works….my face again oils just after two hours after using this product. …..then recently I continued garnier acno fight 6 in 1 face wash…..& truly mam…it’s work….my comedos seem to be disappearing. ….but my face again start oiling after 7-8 hours….so…can I use garnier product twice a day…l asked this because this wasn’t mention in that pack…..so what I do can I use garnier acno fight twice a day. ……..
    reply me soon…mam