Home Remedies for Bridal Glowing Skin For This Wedding Season!

bridal glowing skin tips and remediesBeautiful bridal glowing skin is what every bride wants. Once the wedding date has been announced the anxiety levels may go up. First of all be stress free and happy this is very important. Enjoy the happenings around you and for the bridal glow you can read these beauty tips and home remedies meant for the brides to be that are there to help you in attaining a glowing skin before the marriage to transform you into a head turner for the most important day of your life, your wedding. Here are some home remedies to become a glowing bride.

Beauty Tips To Achieve Indian Bridal Glow

1. Face pack for bridal glowing skin

Brides are all about the glow. If you have been thinking of enhancing your skin’s glow then a face pack with banana, papaya and grapes will do that for you.

  • Take thin slices of all the three fruits and mash them to form a pulpy paste.
  • Apply this on the face.
  • This works for all skin types.

2. Avocado oil for bridal glowing skin

Use avocado oil on the body as massage oil daily at night to make the skin softer and smoother. Avocado oil also heals minor cuts and burns. You can also massage your cuticles with that.

3. Marigold flower pack for glow

Marigold flowers are not just for decorating your house or the venue. You can get the glowing skin with this marigold face pack.

  • Grind marigold flower leaves with some milk and once you get a paste.
  • Apply this on the face.
  • Wash off after 20 minutes and notice the radiance.

4. Rose Petals face pack for glow

Roses not just smell good but they make you glow as well. You can prepare a rose petal face pack with some roses flower petals.

rose petals

  • Crush the rose petals with some milk for oily skin and with milk cream for dry skin.
  • Apply the face pack for 20 minutes and wash for with tepid water.
  • Roses are bound to give you rosey glow soon.

5. Papaya pack for blemish free bridal skin

Papaya are known to improve the skin complexion and makes skin flawless. It’s the enzyme papain that does an amazing work in fading the dark spots and blemishes on the face. You want to be a flawless bride on your wedding then papaya is for you. You can also rub papayas on the body skin as well for bridal glowing skin tone.

6. Eggs face pack for tight skin

Even if you’re a young bride or a bride in her 30’s, a firm toned skin will make your bridal makeup gorgeous. To achieve that egg white are for you.

  • Take some egg white in a bowl and add some gram flour into it to.
  • Mix it and apply on the face. Rinse it once it gets completely dry.
  • Make sure you don’t talk or make faces while the mask is on.

7. Milk and salt foot soak

With all the pre-wedding preparations, shopping etc your feet bears a lot and they need some pampering and care too. You can prepare a foot soak to relax your tired feet. Take some warm milk into a small tub and add some water. Add some salt into it and soak your feet. Keep that for half an hour and wash off the feet. Milk has lactic acid which will rejuvenate the feet. Marks and blemishes fades and skin gets softer. Don’t forget to use a foot scrub to further soften the feet.

8. Honey for Instant Glow

Your are a bride to be but lately you have noticed some dry patches on the face that may be due to the changing weather or your very dry skin itself. Using honey on the face heals the dry patches and quickly makes the skin glow. Honey can be applied on the face for 10 minutes daily to revive the dull tired skin.

So, are you ready to be a glowing Indian bride and make the day as dreamy as you have always wish for. By the way some of these beauty tips can be used by your better half and other family members too who need to look as gorgeous as you!

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  1. Hi
    I am getting married in October and i have dark acne scars on my face and neck. I have a wheatish complexion and oily sensetive skin without any glow.
    Can you plz suggest me something.

  2. Hi Shivani,
    You can use a face scrub 2 times in a week and use tomato juice daily on the face in the evening . This will lighten the acne marks, spots etc. Do not use nay skin care product that is greasy in nature since with oily skin you should take chances when the wedding is just 2 months away.

  3. Hii I am shifa my marriage is just 3month away.but I hav acne marks on my cheeks. ..my skin is oily too…can u plz suggest me some good tips

  4. Hi Shifa,
    You can try scrubbing the face 2 times in a week and then use multani mitti pack.

    You can try applying tomato juice every day for 30 minutes then wash off. Do this daily and soon this will improve the skin color. Use sunscreen when you go out in the sun.

  5. hi
    this is priyanka. I am getting married in DEC I want to do pre bridle but not with cosmetics products. I want to do it with home remedies and your article is really useful for me . I am thankful to you for writing such a beautiful article . I want to know one think if I do these things should I need to go to the parlor for any kind of treatment before marriage??? if yes then what kind of treatment I will have to do??
    plz help me.

  6. Thank u niesha mam

  7. I look cute BT my face becoming dull day to day.after frw month I have to attain my brother marriage.plz suggest me some tips for glowing skin I have normal skin type

  8. Hi Priyanka,

    I somehow Missed replying to this comment. Glad you liked the article.

    I will advise you to only go for waxing and facial at a parlour and try using honey on the face as a pack very day. This will keep the skin clear. Scrub the face 2 times in a week and that should be enough since too many treatments are also not god.

  9. Hi Rekha,

    That is good!!
    I will suggest you to scrub the face 2 times in a week.
    An easy solution for glow will be to take half teaspoonful of honey and half teaspoonful of lemon juice. mix them and apply on the face wash after 30 minutes. Do this daily and the face will be clearer, fairer and glowing.

  10. Thank u for suggesting me this. Two more suggestion plz.what needs to do for removing blackheads and acne. And can rub ice on my skin for glow

  11. Can I use green tea as scrub

  12. Yes, why not. Green tea scrub is good for glow and suppleness.

  13. Hi,my skin looks dull due to open pores and have uneven skin tone.can u help me dear.I am oily skin too

  14. Hi mam,
    Ur tips really worked on me.can I use vlcc skin whiteing night cream for fairness

  15. Yes, sure Rekha you can use that. Hope that works well for you.

  16. Hello,

    i m getting married on Nov, i wear glasses for the last 9-10 yrs so i got a dark circle around eyes. Pls tell some home tips so that i can remove that dark circle and doesnt look awkward on my marriage day. i will wear contact lens on marriage.

  17. Hi Rekha,
    You can apply some multani mitti pack or use a neem scrub 2 times in a week for blackheads and acne problem.
    Ice cubes can give temporary glow only.

  18. Hi Sunitha,

    Apply honey and lemon juice mixture everyday in the evening and wash after 30 minutes. This will help the open pores and uneven skin problem.

  19. Hi Komal,

    You can apply some potato juice every night before going to bed. This will fade the darkness.

  20. Hi ma’am..
    I m getting married in Feb 2016.. My face is becoming dull n I ve many boils on my forehead wat can be done to make my face look free from all such problems like dark circles, boils white n blackheads on my nose.. N how to get back my face Clear n glowing…

  21. Hi…
    I m gtng married in December 2015. My body or skin is not glowing plzzz hlep me .

  22. Hi Polly,
    Many congratulations!!
    You should make sure that you scrub the face 2 times in a week and apply a neem face pack to treat the any acne and boils.
    Scrubbing helps to get rid of the whiteheads, blackheads etc and also adds a glow on the face. You should also apply honey mixed with lemon juice daily in the evening then wash after 20 minutes. This will clear any marks.
    For dark circles, rub a thin slice of potato.

  23. Hi Nikki,
    You can use a sugar and lemon juice mixture to scrub the body. This can be done 3 times in a week for glowing skin.

  24. hi
    I am face and other body parts fair but my hand and feet is getting dark .My marriage is on March ..kindly advice to me get rid of darkness from my hand and feet ..Is that occurred due to suntan?

  25. Hi Swathy,

    You can apply tomato juice on the tanned ski areas and wash after 10 minutes. Your darkness is due to sun tanning therefore, you should apply sunscreen when you go out in the sun.

  26. Hi, My skin is very dry. Can u suggest me which products I can apply on wedding day to get the glow. I saw ur pic. U luk damn good.

  27. Hi Azra,

    Thank you! My skin is already oily so it stays shiny anyways even when I dont want. :P
    For yours kin type, I will advice you to apply moisturiser before going for makeup. Then after the makeup is done, just use some highlighter on the cheeks, this creates an illusion of beautiful glow.
    After your wedding apply honey daily for 15 minutes then wash, this will keep the dry skin supple.

    Best Wishes for the wedding!

  28. Hi
    my wedding is on mar2016 . pls help me to get rid of my intense dark circles and I have a black line in the centre of my nose. pls help me to remove both.

  29. Hai
    My marriage is on Feb . so plz help me for this pbrm. ……….. My face is so dull and pimples marks are not clearing and also MRE and MRE poles in face so plz give me a solution

  30. Hi Shareen,

    You can apply tomato juice and leave that for 30 minutes then wash the face. Do this daily in the evening. This will lighten the darkness and patches on the face.

    For the dark circles, you can daily rub a thin slice of potato under the eyes and wash in the morning so that the darkness can be lightened.

  31. Hi Sai,

    You should apply a mixture of honey and lemon juice. Just atke 1/2 teaspoonful of honey and 1/2 teaspoonful of lemon juice. Mix and apply on the face. Do little bit of massaging and then leave for 30 minutes. Use this daily.

  32. Hie…my marriage is in dec 2015…is is imp to do facial at a parlour before wedding.?..i use turmeric,sandalwood,gram flour face pack alternate days….Is it imp to go to a parlour for facial? Plz hlp..totally confused..i dont wanna use any of the chemicals for my skin ..n in parlour dey use it..!!