Home Remedies for Hyperpigmentation cure at home

Home remedies for hyperpigmentation cure treatmentNatural Cures for hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation can be caused due to sun damage on the skin. It can also be caused due to skin aging, pregnancy etc. Whatever may be the cause the solution can be found with the home remedies. Home remedies like natural face packs helps to remove the hyperpigmentation on the face. To prevent hyperpigmentation, it is also important that you should apply sunscreens and creams regularly to minimize the sun damage and premature aging. Hyperpigmentation is commonly seen on the jaw line and cheeks on the nose as well. Here are homemade tips for hyperpigmentation.

1. Onion juice for hyperpigmentation cure

Onion juice is a good remedy to control and to fade the hyper pigmentation. Take thin slices of onions and rub these over the hyper pigmented areas on the face. Sulphur in the onions will helps to lighten the darkness of the hyperpigmentation and soon the skin becomes even toned.

Another remedy for hyper pigmentation with onion is by mixing onion juice with honey. Honey too helps to remove the skin hyperpigmentation for a flawless skin. Take one teaspoonful of onion juice and add equal amount of honey in it. Mix and apply on the hyper pigmentation on the face. Keep this for 15 minutes. Rinse with normal water. Try this every day for relief in the hyperpigmentation.

2. Besan Ubtan to treat hyperpigmentation

You may have seen ubtan applied to the Indian brides. Ubtan is a wonderful remedy for hyper pigmentation and sun tanning. It makes skin fair and imparts a glow before the marriage. Prepare a ubtan for hyper pigmentation by mixing 1teaspoonful of besan, ¼ teaspoonful of turmeric powder, 1 teaspoonful of rice flour, ½ teaspoonful of honey and make a paste of all that with some milk.

Apply that on the face and let it get dry. When it gets dry scrub it off and then wash with water. Try this 2 times in a week to remove the hyperpigmentation on the face.

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3. Mustard for hyperpigmentation cure

Take one teaspoonful of yellow mustard and soak them in water at night. The next day, grind them to make a paste but with milk not water. Use thus milk and mustard paste on the face and keep this for 20 minutes. Try this 3 times in a day and this will reduce the hyperpigmentation on the cheeks, nose and jaw line. This also removes blemishes like black spots on face and age spots.

4. Papaya for hyperpigmentation removal

Papaya with the enzyme papain is one of the best cures to remove the hyper pigmentation on the face. Take a thin slice of papaya and rub that on the face everyday. Wash after 10 minutes. This will show great results with the hyperpigmentation. [ Home remedies for age spots removal ]

5. Strawberries for reducing hyper pigmentation

Take a strawberry and mash it to make a smooth pulp. Apply that on the face and leave for 20 minutes. Wash with normal water. Try this everyday for glowing skin and to fade the hyperpigmentation on skin.

6. Apricot for hyper pigmentation treatment

Apricots have enzymes which help to reduce the intensity and darkness of the hyperpigmentation on the face and body. It also help to remove the skin darkness and tanning in summers. Take apricot and mash it well. Add some honey in it and apply on the face for 10 minutes wash with normal water. Try this everyday for hyperpigmentation removal.

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7. Milk to fade pigmentation on face

Milk enzymes and milk proteins are also great to treat the hyperpigmentation on the face. Take some milk and using a cotton ball, apply that on the face at night. Wash the face next morning. Using milk just on the hyperpigmented areas on the face is sufficient no need to apply on the entire face.

Try these quick and easy natural tips to cure the hyperpigmentation on the face. These tips don’t have side effects and will effectively reduce the hyperpigmentation.


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