3 Best Home Remedies for Shiny Stronger Nails

home remedies for stronger shiny nailsShiny stronger nails are an important part of you which beauty the hands and make the hands look more beautiful. Weaker yellow, brittle nails may also show up as the deficiency of some vital compounds in the body. So, if you’re wondering what can be done for stronger shinier nails without spending a lot on the manicures at salon or parlour, then this post will be for you. We will share some easy home remedies for stronger shinier nails.

Home remedies for shiny stronger nails that shines

1. Lemon juice and olive oil remedy for strong nails

Olive oil has vitamin E, antioxidants and several strength providing nutrients which make the nails stronger and lemon are skin friendly mild bleach. Lemon juice takes off the excess yellowness from the nails. Lemon juice also makes the nails smell fresh and good. Lemon juice is acidic in nature. It will make the nail shinier and to get rid of the darkness on finger joints.

Procedure for olive oil, lemon manicure at home for shine and stronger nails.

  • Take a bowl. Fill it with two cups of warm water.
  • Add two teaspoonful of olive oil and 3 teaspoonful of lemon juice in it.
  • Dip the nails in the water for 20 minutes and then takeout.
  • Take few drops of olive oil and massage the nails.

This should be done three times in a week for better results but make sure that you do not have nail polish on while you do this quick remedy to get rid of the yellow spots and to make the nails stronger. Read: Hand care tips homemade

2. Vaseline Petroleum Jelly remedy for stronger shinier nails

This Vaseline remedy is very popular and gives amazing results. It softens, heals and make them stronger.

Procedure for this nail treatment

  • Take a bowl and fill it up with warm water.
  • Add some salt and dip the finger nail in it.
  • Keep for 15 minutes and take out.
  • Apply the Vaseline to massage the nails, cuticle and fingers.

This should be done at night. Every night apply Vaseline jelly on the nails. This will make them shinier and stronger. When the cuticle skin is soft, gently push it back to give the nails a more polished look.

3. Lemon and Glycerine for stronger shinier nails, salon style

This treatment gives nail a shiny look and strength when this is repeated regularly. This is quite easy and you will need just a couple of things like lemon, vegetable glycerine that is available at pharmacy shop and some warm water. Glycerine helps cleanse the dirty and yellowish nails. Lemon too fades the yellow spots on the nails.

How to do lemon glycerine manicure at home?

  • Take a bowl filled up with warm water and add some salt into it.
  • Make sure that you do not have any cuts or burns on the fingers else it will burn.
  • Dip your fingers for 15 minutes.
  • Use some sugar and honey scrub to take the peeling and dead skin off the skin around the nails.
  • Now take one teaspoonful of lemon juice, half teaspoonful of almond oil and add one teaspoonful of glycerine. Mix both of them well.
  • Apply on the finger nails and massage gently.
  • Keep this overnight and wash the hands in the morning. This will give strength and shinier nails.

Extra tips for nail care

  • Make sure that you do wear gloves while gardening or doing the dishes.
  • Make vitamins and milk products an important part of your diet to boost up the nutrients in the body.
  • Use the nail polishes from good brands as cheap polishes can make the nails yellow.
  • Leave the nails free of polish once in a week at least.
  • Use a base coat to extra strengthen the nails and to restore the shine.
  • For quick shine add a shine coat or top coat.

These tips and Home Remedies for shiny stronger nails will definitely benefit you in giving the pretty nails that you have always wanted.

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