Home remedies to get rid of bad breath fast

home remedies for bad breath odourHome remedies to get rid of bad breath: Bad breath natural treatments

Bad breath also known as halitosis can make us conscious. The thing that most of us aren’t not aware about it until someone says that. Oral hygiene is equally important else it can be embarrassing. So, if you’ve been suffering from bad breath and would like to get rid of bad breath naturally then we will share some home remedies to get rid of bad breath instantly that you may face in the morning or at night. But before that wont you want to know the causes of bad breath? Bad breath can be due to the cavities, decay or any other oral related problems. Gum related problems can also contribute to the bad breath. Bad breath can also be due to the diseases like bronchitis, diabetes, liver diseases, respiratory diseases etc. [Read: Benefits of amla juice ]

Natural remedies to get rid of bad breath permanently

Home remedies along with some preventive measures will keep the bad breath under control and if there is no oral or severe gum related problem then it can be cured permanently as well. so, here are some effective ways to get rid of bad breath faster.

1. Green and black tea

Green or the black tea are excellent to treat bad breath problem and to get rid of the bad breath fastly. Both these tea prevents the accumulation of the plaque over the teeth and keep the teeth squeaky clean. Green tea has so many health benefits and bad breath cure is one of the benefits of the green tea.

How to use green tea to get rid of bad breath: Put the green tea or the black tea in the hot water and let it brew. Do not add anything else and drink this to freshen up the mouth. Teas are wonderful home remedies in getting rid of bad breath.

green tea to get rid of bad breath2. Parsley

Parsley is one of the best home remedies to get rid of the bad breath fast because parsley eliminates the odour producing bacteria. Parsley is used in the cuisines to garnish and add a flavor but it also helps lower down the sulfur producing bacteria in oral cavity as well.

How to use parsley to eliminate bad breath: Chew few leaves of parsley three to four times in a day to keep the bad breath in control. This also keeps the teeth clean.

parsley to get rid of bad breath fastParsley gargle to get rid of bad breath:

You can also boil half a cup of parsley in the one cup of water. Boil it till the water gets half and throughout the day keep sipping this water. You may also gargle with this water in between the day.

3. Tea tree oil

Another home remedies to cure bad breath naturally is with tea tree oil. Tea tree oil has anti bacterial properties which is why it is used for pimple and acne treatment too. Tea tree oil is highly suggested and used in eliminating the sulphur producing bacteria in the oral cavity which causes the bad breath.

How to use tea tree oil to get rid of bad breath:

Take 5-7 drops of tea tee oil and put ¼ cup of water. Use this water to gargle and squish it inside the mouth. Keep gargling for one minute at least and then spit out.

4. Cloves

Clove oil is used to treat the tooth ache and clove also helps to get rid of the bad breath fast. Clove actually helps to reduce the odour producing microbes. Clove gargle and mouth wash helps to reduce the odour faster. You can also choose a tooth paste with clove oil in it. You can either chew few cloves throughout the day to keep the bacteria in the mouth eliminated or try this gargle.

clove to get rid of bad breathHow to use clove oil gargle to get rid of bad breath

Take 10-12 coves. Take one cup of water and boil it. Put those cloves into that water and let them boil. When only half the water is left then. Take it off cool it and sip it throughout the day or use this water to gargle 4-5 times in a day. It will give instant relief from bad odour from mouth. [Read: Cinnamon benefits for health]

5. Water therapy

Throughout the day when we keep sipping water then the mouth cavity clean and also reduces the acid refluxes which is also a potential cause of the bad breath. Water actually helps a lot of other body problems. It keeps the teeth clean and gets rid of the trapped food micro particles. Water will surely help to get rid of the bad breath instantly.

How to prevent bad breath and other necessary measures

Brush your teeth twice in a day and gargle after the meals to get rid of the trapped food particles.

Tongue cleansing is also important. Use a tongue cleaner to clean the tongue as the bacteria reside mostly on the back of the tongue.

If you’re taking a low in carbohydrate diet them also it may lead to bad breath as this trigger the release of ketone bodies which cause the bad breath.

Stay hydrated to keep the bad breath away or to minimize it.

After the brush, use mouth wash to further cleanse the mouth and to get rid of bad breath

Regularly visit the dentist to check any oral problems like decay, cavity, plaque etc.

Avoid sugary food and sugary gums which can further lead to aggravated teeth problems. After taking sugary foods make sure to gargle and floss the teeth regularly to get rid of bad breath.

If you use dentures then always make sure that they are clean and while taking them off every night clean them thoroughly.

You can keep cardamom or cinnamon to chew throughout the day as a natural mouth freshener to get rid of bad breath.

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