5 Best Home Remedies For Large Pores on Face

home remedies to reduce the large pores on the faceHome remedies to reduce large pores on face

Large pores on the face looks terrible and is a serious beauty problem as we all want a flawless complexion. Normally large pores are seen on the nose, near the nose around the cheeks and on the forehead or the chin. Large pores are not only a problem faced by women but men too suffer from this problem of large pores on the face. In this post we will share home remedies to get rid of the large pores on the face and to naturally shrink the enlarged pores.

What causes Large pores?

Large pores can be caused as a result of the oily skin. Those of us with naturally oily skin has more tendency to develop the large pores on the nose chin, upper lip etc or wherever the over secretive glands are there which secrets sebum. Another factor for large pores on the face is aging. They can be age related as well. As we age the skin’s natural elasticity goes down due to the less production of the collagen which makes the pores to appear large. It is also seen that the males have more chances to develop large pores on the face then the women.

How to reduce large pores on face with home remedies

Here are several methods or natural home remedies that can help reducing the large pores on the face. These remedies work temporarily though but with regular usage they will show good results.

1. Oatmeal remedy for large pores

Large pores on the face can be shrunk by this oatmeal home remedy. It is suggested that you use it on the entire face for tighter and smoother complexion.

How to use oatmeal to reduce large pores:

  • To prepare this oatmeal remedy to reduce large pores on the face, take one teaspoonful of oatmeal powder.
  • Add half teaspoonful of curd into it.
  • Mix it well to create a paste and then apply evenly on the face or the areas where the large pores are present.
  • Rinse after 20 minutes.

2. Ice to reduce the large pores

Ice is a very simple homemade beauty tip that can help reducing the size of the large pore anywhere on the face. It is excellent for oily skinned people and before applying makeup in summers since ice makes the skin tighter and keeps the makeup stay a lot longer on the face. For this, take an ice cube and rub on the face gently for at least a minute. Avoid if you have cold.

3. Lemon juice treatment to reduce large pores on the face

Lemon juice has been one of the best ways to treat the open pores and also to get back the even skin color.


  • Take some lemon juice and apply on the entire face.
  • Keep that for 15 minutes and wash with plain water.
  • Try to do this once in a day or three times a week for best results.

4. Treatment with Fuller’s earth to reduce large pores on face

Fuller’s earth or multani mitti takes off excess oil and impurities off the face leaving a younger and smoother skin with the pores lesser visible. This remedy to get rid of the large pores is excellent for oily acne prone skin.

Multani mitti remedy preparation:

  • Take some rose water and make a paste with one teaspoonful of multani mitti.
  • Apply on the face and concentrate on large pores on the face.
  • Leave for 15 minutes. Wash after that. Try this 3 times in a week.

5. Baking Soda to shrink large pores on the face

Baking soda is a mild exfoliator which also works to shrink the large pores on the face effectively.

How to use baking soda to shrink large pores:

  • Take half a teaspoonful of baking soda and make paste with water.
  • Apply that paste on the large pores on the face.
  • Keep for 5-6 minutes and wash off with gentle rubbing.

These tips and treatments to reduce the large pores on the face are mild and suitable for ever skin types though if any burning or irritation happens then discontinue using them.

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