Homemade Deodorant Recipe and Benefits

Homemade Deodorant Recipe and Benefits

Tea tree oil and jasmine oil Deodorant Recipe and Benefits

In summers, we sweat more than normal and none of us wants to be smelly. Right? Personal hygiene starts with smelling good and body odor is the first preventive measure that comes in any personal hygiene routine. So, what about homemade deodorant? Sounds good ? A lot of us will go for the store bought chemical laden products and honestly, most of this deodorants will just last for 4- 5 hours at the max. Moreover, the deodorants will only cover the body odor but will not control the odor causing bacteria. Therefore, to keep it simple yet effective, we will be sharing a simple and easy body deodorant recipe which have got multiple benefits. The deodorant recipe will only cover the body odor but will fight the root cause of body odor and that is odor causing bacteria. Thus, ideal for people who have this problem that the deodorants will only last for few hours. This is because the bacteria again starts to produce the odor.

Homemade Deodorant Recipe with tea tree oil and Jasmine oil

You will need:

Jasmine oil

Tea tree oil

Almond oil

hoemmade deodorant recipe

Procedure: Mix 5 teaspoonful of almond oil with 2 teaspoonful of jasmine oil and 2 teaspoonful of tea tree oil. Put all these three oils in the mentioned quantities in a dark small bottle. Then shake it and the natural tea tree oil deodorant is ready. You can also store that in a small glass spray pump bottle.

Benefits of this deodorant with tea tree oil

This has tea tree oil which keeps the underarms bacteria free thus odor will not be there.

Jasmine oil will give faint smell which is pleasant and tea tree oil too has a refreshing smell.

Almond oil will make sure to act as a base and not to let the tea tree oil dry out the skin.

How to apply this Homemade Deodorant

  1. Shake the bottle well. Just take small cotton ball and take some drops on that.
  2. Apply or rub this cotton ball over the under arms as if you are cleaning them. Do this on both the underarms.
  3. You can also store this in a spray bottle so that this can be sprayed easily instead of using this with a cotton ball.

So, what do you think? Isn’t that really easy you can also read about how to stay fresh all day along.

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