Hibiscus Uses for Hair: Benefits in Hair Loss, Hair Fall, Hair Regrowth

Hibiscus for Hair Uses, Benefits

Hibiscus also known as gudhal in Hindi, is extremely beneficial for hair. This flower along with its leaves is used in so many ways to fight hair fall, induce hair growth and also gives satisfactory results in bald patches. It is also said that hibiscus dyes the hair and prevents premature aging. All these properties are due to the high nutritional value of the hibiscus flower and hibiscus leaves. It is rich in amino acids, Vitamin A, Vitamin C and alpha Hydroxy acids along with other nutrients. Hibiscus is also available in the market in the form of powder or one can use the hibiscus flower and leaves if there is a plant they could get hold of.

Benefits of Hibiscus for hair

The wonderful plant provides so many benefits for hair due to its vitamin C and amino acid rich composition. The flowers are lathery and mucilaginous which makes this plant a wonderful product to be used for healthier hair.

  • It helps and prevents the premature graying of hair when used as hair oil or hair pack.
  • Hibiscus is known to combat hair loss and hair fall in men and women.
  • Hibiscus is good for all skin types and does no harm.
  • Hibiscus makes the hair roost and strands stronger.
  • It conditions the hair mildly and keeps them bouncier.

How to use Hibiscus for Hair

Hibiscus can be used in variety of different ways like as Hibiscus shampoos, hair oil and hair conditioners. A good thing is that you can prepare all these Hibiscus hair care related products yourself at home. Getting Hibiscus enriched products from the store may also carry a disadvantage in the form of preservatives and chemicals.

Here are some detailed recipe of Hibiscus uses as hair oil, shampoos and hair conditioner or rinse.

Herbal Hibiscus shampoo

Ingredients needed:

  • Hibiscus flowers
  • Hibiscus Leaves
  • Reetha (Soapnut)

Recipe to prepare hibiscus shampoo at home

  • Heat 4 cups of water in a pan and add 5-6 hibiscus flowers and half cup of Hibiscus leaves.
  • Take 8-10 soap nuts and break them, take out the seeds and put the outer skin in that water.
  • Boil the water and once it reaches 1 and half cup. Put off the flame and allow it to cool down.
  • Once it cools, mash the product with fingers and strain the water.
  • Use this water to wash the hair.
  • It will mildly lather but will cleanse the hair.
  • This shampoo can be preserved in the refrigerator and used when needed.

Hibiscus Hair oil for hair


  • Hibiscus leaves
  • Hibiscus flowers
  • Coconut oil

Recipe for hibiscus hair oil and application

  • Take a pan and put one cup of coconut oil in it.
  • Allow the oil to warm up and put 8-10 hibiscus flowers and few Hibiscus leaves.
  • Boil the oil for 15-20 minutes.
  • Keep boiling till it gets infused with the Hibiscus extracts and turns slightly reddish in color.
  • You can also put some amla in it to make it more powerful in combating hair loss and hair regrowth.
  • When the oil cool down, mash the Hibiscus left overs and then strain the oil.
  • Use this hair oil to massage the hair.

Hibiscus Conditioner 

The homemade conditioner for hair adds shine and bounce when applied at least once in a week. You just have to be patient enough for these treatments to work. 

How to make this conditioner at home?

  • Hibiscus conditioner needs two things. 3-4 hibiscus flowers and some water.
  • Boil the water and put hibiscus flowers.
  • Boil it till the water turns slightly red.
  • Mash the flowers once the water cools off and use this to rinse the hair after the hair wash as a hair conditioner.

This is how one can follow the remedies with hibiscus, just try these on regular basis so that the benefits and results can be long-term.

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  1. I have a long hair.. but now i lost my hair due to hair fall, hair cut.etc ..i wont healthy hair nd nt long need gd hair style give me a good tips to grow my hair …

  2. I just want to know about hair fall
    Here every tips are such as power full

  3. will use of hibiscus change the hair colour?

  4. No this does not have a hair dying property so it won’t.

  5. Im having severe hair loss since two years. It has resulted in the scalp being visible . plz suugest something good and helpful. Please note that I’m a pure vegetarian and cannot use eggs and stuff for this . Thank you

  6. Hi Simran, I can understand when the hair thin out then the scalp gets more visible. You can try applying methi dana seed powder mix with some water. This paste should be applied once in a week. My cousin tried that and had decent results so, hope that works well for you too.

  7. severe hair loss resulting in clear scalp visibility …what can be of help for hair regrowth ?

  8. Thanks for the info! I am a 28 year working female.
    I have wavy hair and was always proud of my hair volume. But post strengthening I am experiencing severe hair loss. I know the culprits are the straightening processes and the chemicals! But I have a small face and wavy hair is impossible to manage. :( Anyway I am trying the herbal route to get back the volume. Kindly suggest me how to go ahead

  9. Hi Manish,

    You can boil some fenugreek seeds in some coconut oil and then use that oil to massage the scalp. Keep this overnight.Then wash the hair in the morning. Try this 2 times in a week.

  10. Hi Sai,

    I can understand, after chemical treatments a lot of time hair fall is experienced as the chemicals can trigger the hair fall.
    You can try a herbal shampoo and deep condition the hair once in a week by going for got oil massaging. For that you can mix 2-3 different oils like olive, coconut and almond. Massage and then wash the hair the next day.
    Take diet that is rich in proteins and omega 3 fatty acids, eat fruits so that the hair fall can be cured internally as well by supplying the body with vital vitamins especially vitamin B complex.

  11. I am having patches in beard. Will it be effective to use the said prepared oil