Top 5 Masoor Dal Face Pack for Glowing Skin, Fairness and Hair Removal

masoor dal face packs homemade for hair removal and skin glow

Different Masoor dal face packs for hair removal, glowing skin and fairness

Masoor dal or red lentil is a protein rich dal. Do you know that you can also use this masoor dal for preparing face packs. Such packs are rich in proteins, slough off the dead skin cells, makes skin texture smoother and skin looks brighter than before? When red lentil is mixed with some other herbal ingredients, its efficiency is enhanced and makes this masoor dal face pack excellent for the all skin types. Read on to know some face packs with masoor dal to combat skin problems like pimples, acne, scars, marks on oily skin, get rid of the flakiness from dry skin and to achieve healthier skin. Below we have shared how can you achieve a powder of this pulse so that it can be used for a variety of beauty recipes like hair removal, scrubbing, getting rid of the sun tanning.

How to prepare Masoor dal powder

Preparing the red lentil powder or flour is pretty simple and not a very difficult or time consuming task. One can easily do this at home.

  1. Take some red lentils in whatever amount you need and put it in the grinder.
  2. Grind it till you have noticed that the dal has been grinded into fine powder.
  3. When you are planning to use this dal for the body pack, the powder can be kept slightly granular.
  4. You should store this in a air tight container so that this can be used whenever needed.
  5. This powder will not get bad but during monsoons when the whether is humid and moist, it can get bad hence always smell it before using this on the face.

1. Masoor Dal face pack with honey for Pigmentation Removal

Those of us who have dry flaky skin can seek help with this masoor dal face pack along with some honey. This takes off the flakes and dryness. Skin appears youthful and softer since honey maintain a good skin while the dal is an effective skin scrubbing agent.

  • Mix a teaspoonful of Masoor dal powder and 1 teaspoonful of honey.
  • Mix the two thoroughly and apply on the clean face.
  • Rinse the mask after 15 minutes with gentle mashing which will remove dead skin cells as well.
  • Masoor dal packs are also protein rich hence wonderful for the skin fairness. This also even tones the skin.

2. Masoor Dal Fairness Pack with besan and yoghurt

Masoor dal can also be used as an ubtan for the brides or bride’s family. By the way, even if you aren’t the bride then too you can use the masoor dal ubtan to keep the skin brighter, whiter and glowing. Not only that it does help cure the dark spots and marks on the face too. Try the recipe in the below mentioned method. You should try this on alternate day not more than that to gain the fairness.

  • Mix 1 teaspoon of red lentil powder and same quantity of besan and yoghurt along with 2-3 pinches of turmeric. Ubtan is ready.
  • Apply this on the face and once it dries completely, moist your hands and scrub this pack off gently.
  • It scrapes off the dead skin layer, removes acne, sun tan from the face and skin looks plump.
  • This pack can also be tried for the body as a body ubtan or body pack. 

3. Masoor Dal Face Pack with Marigold flowers

Marigold flowers or genda flowers are also good to be used along with masoor dal. This flower has the oils that will make the dry and itchy skin patchy. It will also heal the acne marks from the skin hence doing this simple remedy will be making your skin smoother. It can be used by all the skin type and is suitable for even the dry sensitive skin too.

  • Mix masoor dal powder with crushed marigold flower paste and use this on the face for glowing softer skin.
  • Let it be on the face for 15 minutes and then wash the face with tepid water.
  • This can be used by all skin types and all round the year.

You may also use rose petals to make skin fairer with this protein and flower face pack.

4. Masoor Dal Face Pack for exfoliation

A simple exfoliating masoor dal face pack can be made by mixing masoor dal powder with some milk. Applying this on the face fetches good results. Scrub it off the face once this gets dried. While scrubbing, you need to do circular motions to scrub the skin. This will take away your dead skin cells. Moreover, when the dead skin is removed the skin layers get healed with new layers of cells and tissues. It will exfoliate and removes the dead skin cells to expose the newer younger, smoother skin. This dal pack is good for mature skin and to lighten blemishes. You should try this once in a week for dry skin and 2 times in a single week for oily acne prone skin types.

5. Masoor dal for Unwanted Hair Removal

  • Take 1 teaspoonful of masoor dal power and 1 teaspoonful of rice flour or chawal powder.
  • Add gram flour in it, around one teaspoonful and milk to make paste along with 2-3 drops of almond oil.
  • Mix this well and use on the face keep it for 5 minutes once it dried slightly remove it with scrubbing in circular motion.

It doesn’t show the results instantly but when done regular this masoor dal face pack will thin out the facial hair. Soon the hair will get fine and will not be too obvious to notice. The same masoor dal recipe can be used to get rid of the unwanted hair on the body and face like upper lips, forehead etc.

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Benefits of Masoor dal Packs

  • Masoor dal products are protein rich hence give nutrients to the skin. Protein rich packs are essential for keeping the skin dullness away and to give a new life to your skin.
  • These dal packs will also induces fairness and glow.on the skin because this will give mild scrubbing to the skin which gives glow, but never try this excessively else it will lead to over scrubbing.
  • These face packs mildly exfoliates and removes dead skin as I said which also brings fairness to the skin.
  • This dal protein rich pack also removes sun tan and lightens the skin, blemishes and unwanted facial hair.
  • Regular application of this ingredient will thin out your skin and will soon lead to the permanent hair removal.

Do try these masoor dal remedies and face packs to improve your skin’s texture and beauty. Also read our tips on skin care for winters.

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  1. Hello….plz suggest me that i heard masoor daal is only efective when we use it if i quit it after getting desired result my skin became like before then how can i manage my skin complexion when i will quit this routine after getting desired fairness plz suggest me soo..thanks.

  2. Hi Pallavi, After getting the desired results you can decrease the frequency of the treatment like just use that once in a week to maintain the effects.

  3. let me know about everything beauty care

  4. is masoor dal pack is suitable for summers?

  5. how frequent can we use masoor dal face pack?

  6. how frequent can we use masoor dal face pack?

  7. I really want to know that what should i use to reduce my black spots from face.
    Does putting on masoor dal helps reducing those spot ?

  8. Am hvng hairs below my nose I am using hair removal cream to remove that…but the thing is the place where am using cream is getting black..can u suggest any home remedy fa this problem…I want to remove my hair completely

  9. You can try this once in a week for dry skin and for oily skin 2 times weekly.

  10. Masoor dal is a protein pack thus this will help the skin to give nourishment and exfoliate it as well. I try it myself and this does remove the dark spots, acne marks etc.

  11. Hair removal creams can darken the skin, in that case either try treading or use some besan and lemon juice pack over that area daily in the evening. After 15 minutes remove the pack, this will thin out the hair strands and they will start to get lighter. This will permanently thin out the hair strands but will take time.

  12. I have acne scars on my face will it remove all the scars from my face ?

  13. Yes, you can try these packs 2 times in a week and within a month improvement will be soon. I tried them too!

  14. Hi, Nice Blog, Can I use Masoor dal pack with milk daily?Or should use it once or twice a week. Milk should be raw or boiled? waiting for ur reply.

  15. Hi Anita,

    Thank you! Use that 2 times in a week since that can be too much exfoliation of the skin because of the texture of the masoor dal so, twice in a week should be fine.

  16. Does it have any side effects?

  17. Does it have any side effects

  18. hi am having baby of 9 month before pregnancy my skin was fair now its very dark i taking fairness treatment also but no result found can you help me to come back in previous look pls pls advise me im very tens because of my skin

  19. No, there is none but do not be harsh while scrubbing with this pack else the skin can get red.

  20. Hi Swati,

    You can try applying tomato juice daily on the face then wash after 390 minutes. This will help to restore the complexion.

  21. Hi mam,mera face par acne , pimples,hair , pimple mark , black heads h oily skin h.masoor dal kese use karu

  22. Hlo ma’am , thanks for the remedies .can I use masoor dall pack for pigmentation daily .

  23. hi Mamta, Yes, but do not keep it for too long, only 5-7 minutes.