Homemade Mud Face Mask for Oily Skin and Dry Skin Care

Homemade Facial Mud Mask for Acne

Mud mask or mud face packs means the packs made using the clay like Fuller’s earth (Multani mitti), bentonite clay, black clay etc. Such homemade mud masks are highly beneficial for acne prone skin to get rid of the excess oils and to combat the acne. Most of the mud mask works for all the skin types for e.g. for dry skin the same clay can be combined with some hydrating ingredients to get the benefits of both deep cleansing mud and the hydrating ingredients. Here we will share homemade recipes of the effective mud masks for acne prone oily skin though the same can be used by the dry skin with just a little change in the ingredients.

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1. Homemade Mud face mask for oily skin recipe


  • Fuller’s Earth
  • Rose water
  • Neem powder
  • Cucumber juice


  • In a small bowl add one teaspoonful of the multani mitti and one teaspoonful of neem powder.
  • To mix these two ingredients, add one teaspoonful of cucumber juice and some rose water.
  • You need to adjust the quantity of rose water.
  • The mask should be of medium consistency not very thick or too runny.
  • To attain that you may adjust the amount of the cucumber juice and rose water.
  • Once you get the entire product mixed up thoroughly.
  • Apply thus homemade mud mask on the face.
  • Let it get dry and once it does then wash off with tepid water.
  • Pat dry the face.
  • This mask can be tried 3 times in a week or every alternated day.

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Benefits of using mud mask for oily skin:

  • It tightens the face pores and skin.
  • Skin looks smoother and radiant.
  • This pack removes the extra oils from the face which keeps pimples away.
  • The neem in this mud mask helps clear the skin from acne and pimples as neem is antibacterial.
  • This mask is also a great way to keep the pores clean naturally.

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2. Mud Face Mask for dry skin


  • Fuller’s earth
  • Yoghurt
  • Orange juice


  • Take fuller’s earth and yoghurt in a bowl in equal amount.
  • Add half teaspoonful of orange juice and mix them thoroughly.
  • Make sure that the yoghurt is smooth and non lumpy for that the mud mask needs to be stirred up properly.
  • Apply this mud mask on the face and let it dry for 20 minutes.
  • Wash off with plain water and pat dry the face.

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  • This mask keeps the skin dryness away and heals the cold sores.
  • The mud deep cleanses the pores and yoghurt hydrates.
  • Lactic acid in yoghurt and fruit enzymes in orange juice gently exfoliates the dry skin.

All these three ingredients in this mud mask make the skin glow and feel supple with moisture. We are sure that to fight the acne and scarring the mud packs are ideal and quite effective. 

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