Homemade Honey and Green Tea Mask for Dark Spots Treatment

Honey and Green Tea Mask

How to use this Honey and Green Tea Mask for dark spots and benefits

Dark spots and acne marks on the skin can make us really conscious. Yes, these spots and scars are a beauty problem that adults, teenagers and young adults do face at least once in their lifetime. These can be due to the pimples, acne, blackheads, etc or they can also be because of the hormonal imbalance, medications, pregnancy etc. Pimples are easier to heal by applying cream lotion, antibiotic etc but dark spots are like something which we wish to get rid of as soon as possible. When you have spots on the face then the skin tone appears patchy and blotchy. Not only females but men too suffers from this problems. For men, this problem is mostly due to the acne breakouts. To prevent dark spots, the best thing is to apply natural products and sunscreen. Moreover, you should not prick the pimples which can lead to scarring. Green tea is a natural anti oxidant which can give extremely evident benefits in curing dark spots.

In today’s post we will share one very easy remedy that you can use to make the skin free from dark spots and as a bonus you will also get the glowing skin. :) Now raise your hands how many of you know the benefits of green tea for health.

We think all of us by now are aware the benefits of green tea for health. In fact recently we had shared some green tea beauty recipes and also some honey packs for glowing skin 

In this remedy needs just 2 things from the kitchen:



  • Green tea
  • Honey

Method of Preparation

  1. We will make sure that you do not waste the product and the treatment should be very cost effective.
  2. So you need a green tea bag. Now, cut open the bag and take the green tea on a bowl or a dish.
  3. Add 1 teaspoonful of honey in it and half teaspoonful of milk, if you feel the mixture is thick to be applied on the face.
  4. Let this get brewed for a minute, then mix this with your clean finger and apply all over the face.
  5. Keep the application smoother and even. Wait for it to get dry for 20 30 minutes.
  6. Then after that you have to gently massage the face with this honey and green tea mixture on your face.
  7. You will feel that this is slightly exfoliating and scrubbing your face.
  8. Which is extremely good and great quality of this facial mask.
  9. Massage for few minutes then wash the face with clean water. Pat dry the face.
  10. You will feel the skin is brighter, glowing and moisturized.

Now, let’s see what the benefits of this green tea and honey facial mask are for your skin.

Benefits of Honey and Green Tea Mask for dark spots

This mask has honey which is antibacterial. Honey is also good to keep the skin glowing and moisturized. Moreover, honey will lighten the dark spots and black marks off the face. Honey is considered as a natural moisturizer which has the extensive power of healing the skin.

Green tea is rich in the natural antioxidants like flavinoids and polyphenols. Antioxidants are believed to delay skin aging and also has the potential to cure the skin spots.

This will prevent the skin from oxidative damage of cells therefore prevents the premature skin cell aging and the wrinkling of the facial skin. Thus, green tea and honey is a great anti aging facial mask.

You will also be glad to know that the green tea also mildly scrubs the face. The mild exfoliation will get rid of the dead skin and the impurities that make the skin dull and lifeless. Hence, this will also boost up the dark spot removing benefits of this home remedy. 

When the sun tan is on the face, our facial skin can appear blotchy and patchy therefore, this pack will also give benefits in fading the sunning and sun burns. 

So, what do you think? Wasn’t that easy enough to be tried 3 times in a week. I loved this remedy. I am sure you will too. :)

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