How to Apply Foundation for Flawless Finish: Foundation Application Tips

How to Apply Foundation for Flawless Finish

When we get ready for a party, college or for a causal day out. Most of us girls would go for the foundations. That can be a personal choice whether one wants to use a foundation with a sheer coverage or the one with a full coverage. Well that is something to do with the blemishes etc on the face. I like to use sheer coverage foundation, and I won’t bother that much even if some marks, spots are visible. But when I get ready for a wedding or a grand function then I would prefer a foundation that gives me decent coverage, so that the blemishes etc are not visible. But a lot of us still struggle while applying foundation, so in this post I will discuss how can we apply foundation flawlessly for a good finish and seamless blending.

how to apply foundation with fingers or brush

Here I will be discussing three basic methods; one is by using our fingers, then using a flat top brush and then using a paint brush like foundation brush. There is one more method which is using a sponge applicator but I will cover that in some other post. So, let start girls. :)

How to apply foundation with fingers

Applying the foundation using the fingers is the basic way of application. I like this way as this gives a very natural looking coverage. The foundations which are liquid or has thin consistency can be used easily with the fingers. But if you have a foundation that is thicker than using that with fingers will be difficult. Thus make sure that the foundation is sheer coverage one else you will feel lots of difficulty in blending it.

  • First of all dot the foundation all over the face like 2-3 dots on the forehead, 2-3 dots on the cheeks, chin and the nose.
  • Then blend this foundation by moving the fingers in gently circular motion.
  • Make sure that your hands are clean when you try applying the foundation with your fingers.
  • Take some more foundation if you need more coverage.

How to apply foundation with flat top brush

You can also use a flat top brush to apply and buff the foundation in.

  • Just take some foundation on the back side of your hand. Then taking a clean flat top foundation brush just lightly touch the foundation on the back of your hand with the brush.
  • Then move the brush in circular motion so that all the foundation gets into the brush.
  • Now, dab that brush on the cheeks lightly, then chin and then forehead and nose. So that there is some foundation applied there.
  • Now you can use the brush in circular motions to spread the foundation all over the face and neck.

flat top foundation brush

This method is really good as this will fill the pores and depressions on the ace. The bristles of the brush will push the foundation in the pores so that your skin will appear smoother. This method is good for all the type of foundation even with the powder foundation or very heavy coverage foundation.

How to apply foundation with foundation brush

how to apply foundation with brush

For this method, you will have to apply the foundation on the face just like we paint something.

  • Take some foundation on the brush and apply that on the cheeks then chin forehead and nose.
  • This is a method which is good for heavy coverage foundation as this helps layering the product very well, thus will cover the marks etc properly.
  • But this technique can also give a made up look when used a lot of foundation.
  • Always use the brush downwards else the facial hair will be raised up like peach fuzz, if you will swipe the brush upwards.

So, these were the method to apply the foundation girls, which is your preferred method? :)

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