How to Apply Hair Color at Home: Hair Coloring Tips To Dye Your Own Hair

how to apply hair color at home TIPS

Tips to apply hair color at home.

These days just like the clothes and accessories hair coloring has also become like a necessary thing to look glamorous and in trend. Every year new hair coloring styles and ideas come up. Hair coloring can be do either hide the white hair or to make you look fashionable. Right? However, applying hair color at home can be new to some who are new to this art. It’s a simple process. All you need are the little things and skills to accomplish this task. And the process goes this way which is easy.

How to apply hair color at home and tips to color

Wash your hair

Wash your hair a day or two before dying your hair. Washing hair makes the hair clean and gives dye a smooth base. As soon as you wash the hair the natural oils of hair start developing. This oil helps to bind the dye with the hair and stays for the long time.


  • Do not go to polluted areas after hair wash as it can untidy the hair.
  • Do not use conditioner as they ruin the natural oils and the dye might not stay as long as unconditioned hairs.

Choose the hair color

Choose a color you desire. You can apply single color or you can be creative using 2 -3 colors. Its art of being beautiful so be as creative as you can. But do remember that you should always choose the right hair color as per the skin tone else that may look out of the way.

how to apply hair color at home tips and tricks

Color can be chosen as per the hair color brand, quality and budget. Go to market and have a look at this great spectrum of variety.

Protection from the stains

Staining is one thing that you must keep in mind while coloring your own hair. Getting rid of the stains can be quite difficult afterwards, hence, it is always recommended to take extra measures to keep the skin and clothes protected. Cover yourself with plastic sheets or old cloth (tuff) or even and old towel will do. This can help you from staining the clothes or the neck skin. As the consistency of color is loose, it tends to drip so it’s safe to cover yourself. Also you can wear an old shirt to be safe. This shirt can be used always, when you dye your hair. Also the dye stains are hard on floor therefore, it is suggested to put news papers of the floor as well. 

Required things

It’s a time consuming process and it is suggested to sit in one place so that you don’t mess up things. Also keep all things you require nearby like a bottle of water, hair clips, wet wipes, towel and the basic hair color tools. Keeping all these things can allow you to sit at a place.

Detangle your hair

  • Take a brush and comb your hair well.
  • See to it that you have no tangles left.
  • This will help you in easy application of color and also the color will be evenly applied.


Most of the color kits do not give gloves. It is advised to put the gloves on so that you do not mess up your hands.

Mixing the color

  • There will be two tubes.
  • Mix both of them as per the need.
  • The quantity will be suggested on the color box.
  • Mix them well in a plastic bowl.
  • Use a hair brush to do apply hair color.

Hair sectioning

how to apply hair color at home

  • With the help of brush divide hair into sections (4-5).
  • This will make it easy to apply hair color.
  • Also you will not miss applying the color at places.
  • Now hold each section and divide it into 2.
  • Clip all the other sections.
  • Apply the color to all the sections one by one.
  • As soon as you apply onto 1 section clip it.
  • This will help you to manage your hair.
  • Apply it 1 inch above your hair roots.
  • If you want to cover closer do it ½ inch not less than that as it might harm the scalp. You can read our post on how to remove hair color from the skin

how to apply hair color at home easily

Drying time

  • Read instructions carefully and let the color dry until the time suggested on the color box.
  • Do not let it be more then the suggested time as it can spoil the texture of hair. Use timer for the time limit.
  • Also never let it dry over night.

Hair Washing

  • You get different shampoo for colored hair. Wash your hair with that particular shampoo.
  • Don’t get scared if you see color running along water. It’s the part of process.
  • Each time you wash your hair the color lightens and runs with water.
  • Also use conditioner for colored hair. This will help the hair color stay a lot longer and also hair gets shinier.
  • Now let it dry. And style accordingly.

These were the tips to color your hair at home. Hope these helped you. You can also read our post on Hair coloring ideas for Indian hair

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