How to Choose Right Sunscreen as per the Skin type

Choose Right Sunscreen as per the Skin type like oily, Dry and combination

How to Choose Right Sunscreen as per the Skin type

We all have got different skin type like oily, combination, dry, normal, sensitive etc. When it comes to skin care products then this becomes extremely vital that you use the products according to the skin type. A lot of us struggle to find out about choosing the right sunscreen for the skin type. In India, we have all sought of skin types and weather like dry, arid, humid etc, therefore this is important that you choose sunscreen based on the skin type and climatic conditions else most of the sunscreens will make you sweat and feel greasy or they can be just not for the skin type. In this post, we will throw some light on how you should choose the sunscreen carefully as per your skin type and what are the options available.

Tips to Choose Right Sunscreen according to the Skin type

1. Sunscreens for dry skin

People with dry skin struggle to retain the moisture thus choose a sunscreen that should be hydrating and lotion like in formula. The sunscreens that are mattyfying, gel base, etc is not for your dry skin. You should pick sunscreen which are lotion like and creamy. The good thing is that most of the brands will make the regular creamy sunscreen so, finding a sunscreen for dry skin is not that difficult. As an additional feature you can see if they have got mulberry, aloe vera, jojoba etc in their ingredients then that will be even better to keep the skin glowing and yet serving the purpose of protection from sun damage.

2. Sunscreens for Oily skin

When the skin is oily then we can assume that it will be acne prone as well, since oiliness is related with the acne proneness most of the times. Getting the right sunscreen for oily skin is a task, we agree as most of the sunscreen are lotion and creamy based as we mentioned earlier, thus those creamy sunscreens can make you feel greasy. These sunscreens can also they attract dust and dirt on the face. Right? Therefore, people with oily skin type should choose sunscreen which are have got gel formula, mattyfying formula and non oily in texture. Being oil free is crucial to keep the skin grease free, sweat free and dirt free. There are brands like Avene, Lotus, VLCC that makes some affordable sunscreen for oily skin type.

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3. Sunscreen for combination skin

When your skin is combination then you have to be slightly careful. For eg: if the cheeks are normal and T zone is oily then sunscreen for oily skin will do the job. But when you have a combination of skin parts like dry and oily both then you should either use spray based sunscreen, you use both like gel based on the oily skin areas and lotion based on the dry skin parts. We know that can be tiring but it pays in the end.

How to use sunscreen properly

Using the sunscreen correctly is even more important than to choose the right sunscreen for the skin type. The sunscreen will start to work after 15-20 minutes when they are absorbed by the skin layer. Hence always use the sunscreen 15-20 minutes before you move out of the house.

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If you have to stay long in the sun then reapply the sunscreen after 3-4 hours.

If you are still not convinced to use the sunscreens daily throughout the year, we guess reading the benefits of sunscreen will surely motivate you to use them regularly. :)

Benefits of using sunscreens

  • They give sun protection and prevents skin darkness.
  • Sunscreen helps to keep the skin youthfulness else sun damage can cause skin to age faster.
  • UVA and UVB rays can cause skin cancer therefore sunscreens adds a shield over the skin.

So, this is how one should choose the right sunscreen as per your Skin type

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