How to deep clean the pores on the face

how to deep clean the poresHow to deep clean the pores on the face

Pores on the face may make you cringe when you see the large ones on the nose, forehead etc but not taking good care of the pores may lead to the skin problems for oily skin. When these pores get clogged with sebum then they become an easy target for the bacteria which causes acne, pimples, black heads and whiteheads. All these skin problems can be prevented by keeping the pores clean. When we deep clean the pores and it minimizes the chances of the skin problem that we may experience. So, how to deep clean the pores on the face. Here are some vital steps that can be followed.

Steps to keep the pores clean naturally


Cleansing the face is the vital step to keep the pores clean. Use a gentle cleanser with some alpha Hydroxy acids which takes away the dead skin cells. Dead cells cause the clogged pores and thus to deep clean the pores getting rid of the dead skin cells is important.


Steaming make sure that the skin pores are cleansed on a deeper level. Steaming process helps to get rid of the dead skin cells, dirt, bacteria and impurities from the pores which are trapped inside the pores. Steaming also helps in blood circulation enhancements. You can do steaming at home to deep clean the pores. For that take some hot water in a large bowl and using a towel, cover the head and bend over the bowl. Take the steam for 5- 7 minutes. Right after the steaming, wipe the face with a clean towel and apply some astringent or face toner to close the pores.

Clay Packs

Clay packs using the clays or mud like Multani Mitti has the capabilities of extract the impurities out of the pores efficiently. Clay is also good to control the oils on the face which is one of the reasons for the pores on the face.


Exfoliation is one of the important steps when it comes to deep clean the pores on the nose, forehead, chin etc. Exfoliation scrubs off the dead skin top most layer thus skin looks a lot more smoother. This also reduces the pores and they are less visible.

An exfoliant with Alpha Hydoxy acids or retinols is the best to incorporate in the skin are regimen. Exfoliation should be done according to the skin type. Those with excessive oily skin should do scrubbing or exfoliation thrice in a day or twice. For dry skin once in a week is sufficient.

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