How to fill Eyebrows with Eyebrow Pencil/ Powder : Tutorial

how to fill eyebrows at home with pencil and powder

Tutorial to fill eyebrows with the eyebrow pencil or powder

Have you ever noticed how the framed and well maintained eyebrows can change the shape of your face. Perfect set of brows can help to make the eyes beautiful and attractive. This is why eyebrows are threaded to shape them so that they look beautiful and well shaped. All of us are not blessed with the full and dense eyebrows but if we are not born with perfect brows then we can fill them in to make them even more beautiful. So, in this post today. I will share this step by step tutorial that will help you to groom and frame the eyebrows so that it beautifies the eyes and eye makeup looks fabulously.

How to fill Eyebrows at home with Eyebrow pencil/powder

Makeup is not just for the eyes, lips and face but your eyebrow makeup is as important. If I am given just two things to do to my face. I will pick up a lipstick and fill my eyebrows that are it.

Steps to fill eyebrows at home with pencil and powder

For this tutorial you will just need 2 things:

Eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder

An angled brush (if you are using eyebrow powder)

Clean Mascara spooly/ wand

Choosing the eyebrow pencil or powder color as per the hair

First you all you should choose an eyebrow pencil or powder as per the eyebrow color. For eg: If your eyebrow hairs are dark black then you will choose a black eyebrow pencil. Right? No, that is wrong. If you have black eyebrows and you choose a black eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder then that it will make them super dark and they will look unnatural and made up. This is what we don’t want.

Therefore, for black eyebrow hair choose a dark grey pencil or powder. Or dark brown eye brow hair you should choose a medium, brown color. To make it simpler, use a color that is a shade or two lighter than the hair strand color for a natural finish.

Which is better powder or pencil to fill eyebrows?

I like using eyebrow powders as they are easier to work with a angled brush and pencil ca five harsh strokes which can be difficult to blend. Thus or me eyebrow powders are easier and better to be used.

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For monsoon and rainy season pencil are better as they will stick on the skin and will not smudge or come down unlike the eyebrow powders.

Steps to fill eyebrows with pencil/ powder

Okay, so the picture that you see below this is mine where I have done this step by step tutorial.

Steps to fill the eyebrows

1. It is always good when you start the eyebrow filling from the end of the eyebrows. Use gentle strokes and lightly fill the brow end. You brow endpoint and the start point should be lighter and the center should be darker this is what I follow though you can check that as per the face type.

2. After the end of the brow, start the start point of the eyebrows and there too gently supply the pencil or powder.

3. Then comes the middle portion of your eyebrows. This is the portion that I like to keep darker for a natural finish. So I will sue light strokes only as hard strokes can make it unnatural looking. So, I will use light gentle strokes but several times till I get the darkness I need.

4. I would see if there are any bald spots, gaps in the eyebrows, if there are then I will fill them in again.

5. Once I am done with the application. I will take a clean mascara wand. This is available in every makeup brush kit or you can buy it separately for very less amount. I will run this wand to brush the eyebrows. Doing this step ensures that my brows are combed and shaped. This step also blends the powder or pencil marks so that the eyebrows look natural.

how to fill eyebrows at home woth pencil or powder india

So, this is how you too can fill the eyebrows yourself and be your own makeup artist. You know at first you may think that it is not coming fine but with some practice you will become expert in doing this. Try this at home when you have time and just see how much difference it makes you your eyes.

Now, one thing I would like to ask you in Indian market I there are no good eyebrow pencil all they have is the regular jet black pencils which can make your eyebrows look made up and drawn. So you can get a grey pencil or try to get some dark grey matte eye shadow that will also work. Sleek also makes great eyebrow powders and pencils.

If you have any questions, regarding this. You can write a comment below. I will reply soon.

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