How to Get Soft Silky Hair in a Week For Men and Women

How to get Soft Silky Hair in a Week

Do you like soft silky hair? We are sure you do. Every girl dreams of smooth and lustrous hair that intensifies the beauty. Girls with curly and frizzy hair are just obsessed to get silky and smooth manes, for which they tend to rely on rebonding smoothing and various other chemical based hair treatments. These days, straightening and curling are the only options available to make hair look better than before. But these treatments have so many side effects that you would only regret for the decision taken.

how to get soft silky hair at home

Now it’s really simple and easy to get smooth and super silky hairs at home in a week. You just have to take care of few things and try some homemade remedies. Homemade remedies and DIY treatments are good to make the hair look lustrous and silkier. Let’s see.

Tips to get softer silkier hair in a week

Know your hair type: To start the entire procedure, first of all you need to understand your hair type first. Our hair type can be dry, oily, normal or with dandruff or any other scalp infection which also effects the type of the hair.

Shampoo and conditioner:  Try using shampoos and conditioner that are silicone and sulfate free. Sulfate makes hair brittle and dry and also control the growth of hairs. You can buy herbal brands for it. They contain less chemicals and high natural extracts. Chemical laden shampoos and hair care products will only make your hair rough not smoother. I like to use Patanjali Kesh kanti Natural hair shampoo. It really makes the hair soft and silky.

Avoid hair dyes: Hair coloring induces dryness and roughness of the hair. It leads to heavy hair fall and premature graying. To get a soft and silky strands, avoid coloring to the hair. If you can’t resist hair dyes, then use a good hair color shampoo and conditioner combo. Try henna if you want to have a reddish hue in your hair. Henna or mehendi also gives a very natural hair color without damaging the hair.

Use a heat protectant: If you have to go out for a gala party or to hang out over a coffee with friends. Do not use hair styling tools without using hair protectant serum onto the hair. It will also decrease the damaging effect on the hair.

Hot oil treatment for soft silky hair

Hot oil treatment: To get smooth and silky hair, oil oiling is a must have. This easy massaging procedure will greatly enhance the natural texture of the hair and also heals the damage. Damage to the hair can be due to chemical treatments, sun exposure, infections etc. 

  • In order to do a hot oil massage treatment at home, you need to take some essential oils like almond oil, castor oil, coconut oil and olive oil. you may take any 2-3 oils that you like.
  • Heat them in a pan (make sure it is not too hot to touch). Let them cool down a bit. Use them when they get lukewarm.
  • Apply the oil into the roots and follow till ends. Wrap a plastic hair cap for 2-4 hours.
  • Wash it with mild shampoo and conditioner. It will be great if you can keep the oils for the entire night like overnight hot oil treatment. This will also fetch more benefits in giving you softer silkier hair.

Hair Spa for Soft Silky Hair 

soft silky hair with hair spa

Due to pollution, dust and improper hair care routine, our hair become dry and rough. They need proper nourishment and proteins to grow healthier. You can give deep nourishment to your hair by doing hair spa at home.

It consist the following steps:

  • Give your hair an hot oil treatment at home by mixing 2-3 oils. Then massage the hair and the scalp.
  • Take steam on the hair using a steamer. Or by wrapping a towel drenched with hot water.
  • Just soak a towel in hot water then squeeze and tie on the head wrapping the hair.
  • Keep that for 30 minutes. Then wash your hair and apply a conditioner.
  • Notice the softer and silkier hair. But try to do this hair spa at least once a week to get soft silky hair.

DIY: Home Remedies for Soft Silky Hair

Apple cider vinegar:

After every wash, apply a small amount of apple cider vinegar mixed in water  for conditioning your hairs. It will give you maximum results and super smooth hair so easily.

Egg white and olive oil:

Egg whites help in reducing frizz and dullness of the hair. It repairs damaged hair every few applications. It contains Omega 3 fatty acid that makes hair smooth and velvety soft. Olive oil is the best natural oil extracted from olives. It is heavily used in salons and spa’s for personal care.

How to use?

  • Take out the egg white from 2 eggs
  • Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil in it
  • Whisk the mixture properly
  • Apply it onto the scalp and to the tips and ends of the hair
  • Keep it for 40 minutes and wash it thoroughly with shampoo.
  • This DIY remedy will provide you with soft silky hair.

Aloe Vera gel and Lemon: 

Soft Silky Hair at home

For having a silky and soft hair, Aloe Vera gel works as a problem solver. It also helps in bringing the hair moisture back and treats damaged hair. Lemon helps in cleansing the scalp and aids dandruff. Furthermore, it also heals itchy scalp too, and removes excessive hair oil from the scalp.

How to use?

  • Take some Aloe Vera gel in a bowl
  • Add a half tablespoon of some juice in it.
  • Now mix the above things together and massage onto the scalp.
  • Keep it for 2 hours and wash it with shampoo and conditioner.
  • This is good for making soft silky hair when the hair is oily or scalp is itchy.

Curd and castor oil

These two things create an absolutely wonderful hair mask. It also gives required proteins to the hair and tames hair damage, split ends. This excellent hair mask is great for getting soft silky hair.

How to use?

  • Take 1 bowl of hung curd and whisk it nicely
  • Add 3 tablespoons of castor oil into it
  • Apply this natural homemade hair pack onto the hair and the hair ends or the spilt ends.
  • Wash your hair using a mild or herbal shampoo once you have kept the pack for 45 minutes.

So, these were the natural methods, DIY tips to achieve soft silky hair within a week. You have to do them regularly and keep  doing them to maintain the hair health. In a week you can try hot oil massaging, then try hair spa after 2 days then after 2 days try the 3 home remedies that we shared. this will help you to get silkier hair in a week.

Written by Ratna Balani

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