How to Give Yourself Overnight Hot Oil Treatment: Benefits

hot oil treatment at home

How to Give Yourself Overnight Hot Oil Treatment: Benefits

Hot oil massage is truly miraculous when one is suffering from dry damaged hair, split ends and rough hair with damage. Hot oils seep into the scalp and nourished the hair from roots to tips. Hot oil massage and treatment also make the rough hair manageable and keeps the frizzy hair in check. Sun damage can make hair straw like and dry. So, there too hot oil treatments are beneficial. Hot oil treatment has loads of benefits other than in individual benefits of the oils used. In this post, we have elaborated this entire process of overnight hot oil treatment at home which you can perform yourself. This will also save money and time from visiting a salon or parlor.

Benefits of overnight Hot oil treatment and Massaging

Hot oil treatment deeply nourishes the hair and boosts the blood circulation in scalp.

It also strengthens the weaker roots and helps a lot in hair fall, hair loss and hair breakage.

Hot oil massaging is beneficial in dandruff and itchy dry skin. It heals the dryness of the scalp and gives nourishment.

This hot oil treatment also adds a healthy shine and bounce to the hair.

With regular usage hot oil treatment improves the condition of the hair thus great for dry damaged hair.

Massaging also takes away tension and stress.

Which oils to use for hot oil treatment for hair?

We can use any oil that we want like coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil or essential oils like rosemary oil, peppermint oil etc. When you are using essential oils like jojoba oil, rosemary or any other than the quantity should be only one fourth the quantity of the base oils like coconut, almond, olive, castor oil etc. as essential oil are very costly and even small quantity will work well. Take any 2-3 oils. Almond oil is the best for dry damaged hair, coconut and castor is for rough hair, weak hair and olive oil for everything basically. [hair care tips for damaged hair]

Step by Step procedure for Hot Oil Massaging treatment

1. Warm up the oil

Put all the oils in a small microwavable bowl and put it in the microwave for 30 seconds or you can also put the oils in a small pan and then put that on the burner. Make sure that the oils are not too hot to burn the fingers. Heating them up mildly will work.

2. Hair massaging with hot oils

Section you hair and dip you fingers into the oil. Gently apply the hair all over the scalp first by this sectioning method so that the scalp is coated with the oils. Gently massage the scalp with mild pressure which relaxes and relives tension. Massaging makes the oil to go into the hair roots and scalp thoroughly. Massaging also enhances the blood circulation which in turn gives strength to the hair roots and hair feels bouncier. Once you are done with the massaging. Wait for some time to let the oils sinkin deeper and get absorbed fairly. The main motive of massaging with hot oils is to nourish the scalp.  Apply the remaining oil mixture on the hair as well focusing on the dry rough hair ends where the split ends are there.

3. Cover your hair

After scalp massage with the hot oils, it’s time to cover the hair. Take a shower cap and wear on the head with all the hair inside the cap. This will prevent the oils from staining the bed sheet and pillows. Sleep with the cap on and let the oils give nourishment the entire night.

4. Washing the hair

The next morning, its time to wash the hair. Using mild shampoo and slightly lukewarm water rinse the oil and shampoo the hair. Don’t forget to use a hair conditioner to give extra moisture.

This hot oil treatment is highly beneficial for the damaged dry hair. When you get a habit of doing this at least once a week then you will start to notice that the hair has become much manageable, softer and smoother. The dry hair ends will also get softer. This hot oil treatment/ therapy also works to straighten the hair to prevent hair fall.

So, this is the complete procedure that you can follow to get hot oil massaging and fetch the immense benefits of this massaging. It can certainly stimulate your hair roots for stronger hair and also aids in faster growth of the hair.

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