How to Keep Your Makeup Smudge Free All Day Long

How to keep your Makeup Smudge Free all day long

How to keep your makeup smudge free all day long tips

We girls love to do makeup. Makeup when applied correctly can take your beauty on another level. Makeup makes you feel confident and beautiful but we all wish that our makeup should remain intact and smudge proof all day long. Right girls? Yes we do, while some of us can be working or still in college, the regular touch ups can be tiring. If we have to use just the compacts that is still fine but checking your makeup and noticing that it had smudged, then that is a problem so, in today’s post at Tips and beauty Blog, we will share how you can keep the makeup smudge free for a lot longer than it normal stays. Excited? Yeah! :)

1. Ice, Ice Baby

Ice or ice pack is a very important trick that many makeup artist swear by when their client’s want makeup up to last long. While starting your makeup just rub an ice cube over the face which will help to tone and tighten the face. This will help the makeup stay a lot longer. This will also tighten the pores so another plus point of using ice on face.

How to keep your makeup smudge free all day long tips with ice

2. Face primers

Using face primers can make the foundation stay all day long without melting, slipping or getting patchy. Face primers are basically of two types one that is formulated for oily skin and the other one that is hydrating in nature and are made for the dry to normal skin types. Face primers will keep the foundation in place a lot longer than it unusually does. See: Daily Morning makeup tips

How to keep your makeup smudge free all day long

3. Eye makeup

For a smudge proof eye shadow, we will suggest that you should use an eye primer. An eye primer is a base that you apply before applying eye shadow. This makes the eye shadow stay longer and not get faded faster. This also prevents the eye shadow to get creased. See: How to hide dark circles with makeup

How to keep your makeup smudge free all day long primers

4. Loose setting powders

Once you are done with the foundation you can try applying some of the loose powder. Loose powder does 2 things, this gives a slight pore less air brushed kind of finish to the face. Secondly, this will make the foundation stay longer. So it’s like the foundation gets sealed between the face primer and the upper layer of loose powder. Just dab the powder and do not swipe this will ruin the foundation, dabbing is the best way to use powders. See: How to choose makeup products for oily acne prone skin

5. Smudge-free eye makeup

You can try an eyeliner and mascara which are water proof. So even if it rains or the days are humid the mascara or the eyeliner will not come down. We love gel eyeliners which are very waterproof, smudge proof and rub proof in nature.

6. Make the lipstick last longer

Quick tips for morning makeup lip makeup

You can use a kiss proof lipstick that is non transferable. Such lipstick will stick on the lips and will not transfer even if you drink, kiss, or touch things with the lips. Or you can try this one more trick. Apply lip liner and fill the lips with the lip liner as well. Then go ahead and apply the lipstick. This trick will make the lipstick last longer. This also prevents the smudging and blending of the lipsticks from the corners of the mouth etc.

So, with these tips your makeup will surely last longer and do need not to worry that it makeup is getting smudge or getting patch.

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