How to Know Your Skin Type at Home

How to know your skin type at home

how to know your skin type at home

Are you concerned about what is your skin type? Knowing skin type is important as the skin care products are formulated as per the skin types. It might be confusing to know which your skin type is? As skin type slightly changes as per the climate and body hormonal changes. Knowing skin type helps you to know which skin care products suit you. There are different types of skin. They can be dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, oily acne prone skin, normal and combination skin. There are several cosmetic and therapeutic ways to know skin type but we will provide you easy at home tips through which you can know your skin type at home.

Steps to know the Skin Type: Skin Type Tests

Morning Test

Ask yourself, when I get up in the morning how does my skin feel?

Combination Skin: If you feel shiny and oily on your T zone and dry on the remaining part of your skin then your skin is combination skin. T zone is the area of nose and eye brow forming T.

Dry Skin Type: If you feel flaky, stretchy and dry when you get up then it is said to be pure dry skin. This will help you identify the dry skin.

Oily Skin: If you find traces of oil all over the face, then your skin is oily. And, if you touch and find it all oily, your skin extract so much sebum then your skin is considered to be too oily and pimple prone.

Normal Skin: If you get up and find the skin is just fine then it is considered as normal skin.

After Noon Skin Test

You have to check the skin for the second time and that is in the noon. In the afternoon, your hormonal levels are a bit different and so does the activeness of sebaceous glands. This second test will also help you know your face skin type.

Levels of combination skin (compare the morning skin with noon skin)

  • See how the combination skin is when it is noon. If it tends to be dry and all set by the noon then your skin is normal with oil trance in morning.
  • If the combination skin leads to oil all over it is mildly oily.
  • And if it remains the same it is combination skin.

Levels of dry skin

  • By the noon, notice how your dry skin is. Has it changed? Can you find oil traces? If yes, then your skin is dry to normal. And the beauty product you must use is dry to normal.
  • If the skin is dry all the time then it is considered as dry skin. And you should use intense moistening products.

Level of impure skin

See if your oily skin turns out to be oilier and attracts dust and dirt easily on the skin.

  • If yes then the skin is too oily and requires intense hydrating and water base treatment.
  • If no, and skin changes to little oily then your skin is oily but not impure and prone to pimples.

Skin requirement: what is your skin asking for?

  • Is it asking for nourishment? Is it dry and needs supplements to smoothen? If yes yours is a dry skin.
  • Is it asking for astringent or some cleansing gel? That means you have oily skin.
  • Does it ask only for some cream once a day and is fine all day then it is normal skin.

Look for the variation as to how dry or moist it is and apply the products accordingly.This will help to determine your skin type.

how to know your skin type at home oily skin

How to Check Facial Skin Pores?

Look at the condition of the pores and know as to which skin you have. Look the visibility and extent they are open.

  • If the pores are visible and open then your skin is said to be oily. You can use products which suit oily skin. Moisturizer should be oil free and light weight.
  • If the pores are invisible or almost invisible then you have dry skin. You can get a good moisturizing cream for yourselves. Cream with rich emollients is best to use.
  • If the pores are fine then you have a normal skin. A daily cream will be sufficient to fulfill the skin diet. Most of the products will suit your skin type.
  • If the pores are highly visible and open then you need to treat your skin as early as possible because they are hyper oily and might produce too much oil allowing pimples and bacterial infection. Read our post on how to treat the open pores.

These are the 4 steps which helps you to find out your skin type at home, if you do not know anything about your skin type.This is how you can find which are the products best suitable for the skin type, like the day creams, night creams, sunscreen, eye creams etc. Also read: how to treat uneven skin tone

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