How to Oil the Hair the Right way?

How to Oil the Hair the Right way?

Oiling the hair is advised by almost every Indian grandmother and mother. They believe that oiling the hair is the best way to keep the hair moisturized, thicker, shinier and healthier. The famous Indian hot oil massaging is popular as this gives all the benefits in making hair healthy. Whether we apply oil in the simple way or as the hot oil massaging but there is a way you should apply the oil in your hair. So what is that correct way to oil the hair, we will tell you in today’s post at Tips and beauty Blog.

How to oil the hair the Right way

Let us tell you what are the benefits of oiling the hair so that you regularly oil them as these days we have stopped oiling the hair due to busy lifestyle.

Benefits of oiling the hair

  • Oiling makes the hair shinier as they coat the hair with nourishing oils which seeps into the cuticle and moisturize them.
  • The oils penetrates into the scalp thus maintains the moisture balance and strengthen the roots.
  • Oiling with the oils like olive oil, almond oil etc will prevent the premature whitening of hair.
  • Oiling also boost the blood circulation of the scalp thus the hair strands gets strengthen further.
  • Regular oiling also makes the dry and rough hair manageable. Read more on How to treat dry damaged hair in a week.

Now that you know the benefits of oiling, let’s know how to oil the hair perfectly.

How to oil the hair the Right way hair oils

How to oil the hair the Right way

The oils are generally slighter thicker mostly during the winters like castor oil, coconut oil hence warming them up little bit will help the oils to seep in and get absorbed in the scalp easily.

Make the partitions of the front section and apply oil over the scalp using the finger tips, then slightly massage the scalp.

Continue doing the same for the entire scalp. Partitioning the hair will make way for the scalp to get the oil application better. Once you have applied the oil on the entire scalp. Move your fingers to give a gentle massage.

A lot of people would rigorously massage the scalp. That can be good but when you are struggling with hair fall then doing this rigorous massaging will weaken the hair roots. Thus massage very gently, never rub too much.

How to oil the hair the Right way

Then take some more oil and then apply this on the hair strands. Using the hands, apply all the oil over the hair. You have long hair then braid the hair or make a bun.

This is good to keep the hair oil for overnight. So, if you are keeping the oil for overnight place a plastic sheet over the pillow as this will not stain the pillow. Or you can use a darker pillow cover which will not be visible, once you have washed the pillow cover. Else the oil stain takes 3-4 washes to go completely.

Now that we say keep the oils overnight is recommended, which is true but do not keep the oils for longer time since in that your scalp will get dirty as oily hair tend to attract dust and dirt easily.

How often you should oil the hair: Oiling the hair once in a week is ideal for good hair health.

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