How to Prevent Eyebrow Hair Loss Using Home Remedies

How to Prevent Eyebrow Hair Loss

How to prevnet and cure eyebrow hair loss

Eyebrows define your face and give you a highly framed facial structure. Did  you notice that how well defined eyebrows enhances your facial features. This is so true! Not only this but it protects your eyes from heat and high flashy lights which can even burn your lashes if your do not have eyebrows or have very thin eyebrows. But at times due to certain medical conditions, skin care products or infection etc we tend to loose hair strands from the eyebrows.

Home remedies and tips to prevent and cure Eyebrow hair loss

So if you are loosing the eyebrow hair strands more than the normal than be cautious and try to prevent eyebrow hair loss. In this article you will know what can help you to treat hair loss from eyebrows. Here goes the check list.

Hot oil Massage

You may have heard that hot oil massaging is the best for the hair loss prevention. In the case of eyebrow as well this remedy does work well. Warm oil massaging will help to improve the hair strength and increases the blood circulation in the skin. This will help to minimize and reduce the hair loss and makes the strands to grow back again. For using this remedy, you can warm any oil from the list below.

  • Castor oil
  • Almond oil
  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Amla oil
  • Onion oil

Now with the help of finger tip or cotton swab massage the eyebrow gently.

Do not boil the oil or over heat it.

Let the temperature be warm so that the skin and the eyebrow roots bear the heat.

Let it be for 4-5 hours. Applying it at bed time is the best because you can allow it set for hours.

Natural Remedies

  • Mix ½ teaspoon of amla powder and 1/2 teaspoon of rose water and mix it well. Apply with finger tips. Let it be for 5 minutes and wash it off. Do not let it be for more time.
  • Make onion paste and apply it on eye brows. It can be messy and can cause burning sensation in eyes. Therefore be very careful while applying it. Do not let it be more then 5 minutes. This will help to make the eyebrow hair grow back again and in thicker form.
  • Boil fennel seeds in a cup of water till you get 4-5 boils. Now let it cool and store it in a container. Apply daily on the eyebrows with the help of cotton swab. This remedy helps to prevent eye brow hair loss positively.

How to prevnet and cure eyebrow hair loss2

Diet tips

Eat food containing high source of vitamin C and E. Drink water regularly. Do not allow your cells to dehydrate. Include juices, soups and curd in your diet. Avoid too much coffee and tea. Eat citrus fruits like orange, amla, lemon and sweet lime. Consume banana, nuts (almonds, walnuts) and dairy products. Taking multivitamin supplements will also help.

Some Tips

Most of the people use so much of cosmetic in their daily routine. They either apply eyebrow pencil or mascara to darken their eyebrows and give them high definition. I agree cosmetics enhance looks but at the same time too much of anything is bad.

Therefore I suggest you to let your skin and eyebrow roots breath. Let them have enough oxygen. Regular usage of cosmetic can ruin your eyebrow hair quality and consequently weaken and fall. This will also results in eyebrow hair loss. Be smart and fill in eyebrows wiith pencils or powders only when it is too essential. And if you are already having eyebrow hair loss or fall then I suggest you to strictly stop using cosmetics.

Cut down stress:

Do you know stress can cause hair (eyebrow) fall and hair whitening? So stop taking stress. I know when we have problems in life, stress is being taken unintentionally. Here are few tips to control stress:

  • Have long walks. Sounds illogical but it work.
  • Yoga/meditation and exercises helps.
  • Try to join some art or hobby classes.
  • It  also really relives stress and calms you down.

Nourish skin and take care of skin condition:

  • Clean and comb your eyebrow daily. This will exfoliate hair roots and increase blood flow helping it to strengthen hair.
  • See to it that the skin is not dry. Dry skin tends to break hair. So nourish your skin with vitamin oils. Vitamin C, E and vitamin A is the best.
  • Make sure that your skin is bacteria free. Use Neem and tulsi products regularly to avoid infection.
  • If there is any itching use gels and creams to sooth the itch.

These were the tips which can really help you when you are experiencing eyebrow hair fall. Hope these tips helped you.

Written By Khyati Mahajan

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