How to Prevent Ingrown Hair on hands legs etc

How to prevent ingrown hair on hands legs etc

All of us girls wish to get a smooth hairless skin. When we wish to flaunt or legs in short dresses or when we wish to go sleeveless. Then the hair removal is important but have you noticed girls that at times the ingrown hair can be really problematic. Ingrown hair are the hair strands which will start growing inside the skin, thus they will appear bumpy and coiled if you will see. This gives a dark dot like appearance. When you touch the skin with ingrown hair, it feels bumpy and rough. So, it does not matter which hair removal method you choose but to keep the skin as beautiful and smoother we should take care of the skin so that we can prevent ingrown hairs.

how to prevent ingrown hair

Tips to Prevent Ingrown Hairs on hands legs bikini line

Here I will share some useful remedies that has helped me, so will definitely give you some tips to get rid of the ingrown hair strands that comes up after the hair removal.

1. Exfoliation to prevent ingrown hairs

As the ingrown hair grows instead a thin sheath of skin, the best way is to exfoliate regularly. Regular exfoliation will help to keep the skin smoother even after the hair starts to grow. Now when we mean exfoliation the first thing that comes to our mind is scrubbing right? So, here is a skin polishing and exfoliating scrub recipe at you can prepare easily at home.

Rice flour body scrub for ingrown hair

Since we are making this for the body like hands, legs and rest of the body, the quantity will be more but you can adjust the quantity.

  • Take 5 teaspoonful of rice flour which is rice powder and mix with 7 teaspoonful of honey.
  • Mix them both in a bowl and take that with you when you go for a shower.
  • Now, take some on the fingers and start to scrub the body parts with that. Use this on the hands, legs, stomach, neck etc. This can be used on the face as well.
  • Keep scrubbing for good 10 minutes then keep this honey rich body scrub as a body pack for 20 minutes.

This is because after the scrubbing the dead skin layer has been removed so it will be good if you let the honey to moisturize the skin. Then rinse with water and complete your shower.

2. Dry brushing

Dry brushing is also very beneficial in preventing the ingrown hairs. You can take a brush and before wetting your body with the water. Use that brush to rub on the body in circular motions. This will slough off the debris dead skin cells and also frees the ingrown hair from the skin over them. Dry brushing has so many health related benefits as well that you can read in this post here Dry brushing how to do and it benefits.

how to prevent the ingrown hair with dry brishing

3. Loofah Scrubbing

Another easy way to prevent ingrown hair on the body is with the loofah. We may use that daily but that is a very essential tool to help maintain the smooth skin without the ingrown hair bumps. Just take some shower gel on the loofah and scrub the skin where the ingrown hairs are. Do this daily. Soon you will see that the skin is getting smoother and the number of ingrown hair is getting reduced. If you will do this daily, then this will also ensure that in future the ingrown hair problem can be minimized.

how to prevent the ingrown hair with loofah

So, these were the easy tips to prevent ingrown hairs on skin but make sure that after using them you properly moisturize the skin. Else the skin can become dry. Nourishment is essential so use body butter if the skin is dry or for normal skin you can use the body lotions. :)

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